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BBT all over the show but peak OPK??

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Flutterby8 Thu 14-May-20 16:30:55

Hi all,

Can anyone offer advice on BBT chart and OPK results as I'm new to all of this confused

I've been measuring my BBT this cycle on a standard thermometer (I know it wont be 100% accurate but i have a BBT one on order).
I've also been using OPK's along side this.
On the 15th I had a high OPK reading then it dropped to low on the 16th, back to high on the 17th and now peak today.
I've also had a temperature spike today according to the chart.
As my temp has gone up today, I assume I have already ovulated? I know it should remain high for 3 or so days to confirm ovulation.

Can anyone put my mind at rest that this looks normal (ish) smile

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