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BFN 12po :(

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Superstar41 Thu 14-May-20 15:58:30

BFN 12dpo , not even a hint of a line feel so distraught anyone else had the same this month?

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Bumblebei Thu 14-May-20 16:18:38

I have had the same today. I’ve worked it out to 12 days too but by my own guessing of when I felt intense ovulation pains. Did a test earlier and kept looking to see if I had missed a second line but nothing

Superstar41 Thu 14-May-20 16:22:43

It's rubbish isn't it sad x

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kell2126 Thu 14-May-20 16:26:52

Hi ladies – same here – BFN on FRER this morning at 12dpo sad

Bumblebei Thu 14-May-20 16:31:53

It’s a horrible feeling. Are you going to test again in a few days? I’m hoping i just tested too early to but I couldn’t help myself as I feel like I have symptoms but think it’s just my mind playing tricks on me x

Superstar41 Thu 14-May-20 16:37:34

It is sad I'm not sure , I have really sore nipples if I touch them makes me want to be sick and I thought that was for sure going to be it but don't think it will happen now , are you? Xx

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Bumblebei Thu 14-May-20 16:45:10

Same! I also have back ache and had cramps for a few days but they have gone now in the last few hours. I convinced myself it would be positive too and now just feel deflated. I’m going to try wait it out until Sunday and test again if AF doesn’t appear before. Fingers crossed for you x

Superstar41 Thu 14-May-20 16:53:26

Crazy isn't it !! Maybe if we were the HCG might not be strong enough? I've had cramps too sad I'm assuming AF! When is AF due for you??

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Bumblebei Thu 14-May-20 17:02:43

It’s so confusing as the symptoms for AF are nearly identical. I don’t track ovulation but I usually know from the pains each month and that was on 2nd/3rd and from that I’ve calculated should be on the 20th. I’m usually like clockwork but cycle has gone haywire in the last two months so its pure guess work. I would definitely try again in a few days and don’t give up hope. I only used a cheap test today and waiting on the CB tests to arrive. What about you? X

incywincyspiders Thu 14-May-20 17:06:03

When is AF due for you OP? The test you used look like the early sign ones which are supposed to be used the day after your period is due and may not be sensitive enough to pick up your hormone level yet. As implantation occurs between 6dpo - 12dpo you might be still have a chance if implantation happened yesterday smile

Superstar41 Thu 14-May-20 17:20:43

@Bumblebei I know they are and it drives me crazy too 😪 I am due on the 18th - I used a cheap test from the co op today but I've been having cramping for around a week - I don't usually with AF but still dont think it's going to happen after BFN! Where did you get your cheapie from? Xx

@incywincyspiders heya xx I'm due on the 18th of May (Monday) oh I didn't know that!! Been having cramping for about a week though so guessing I'm out (even though I only usually get cramps the day before) xx

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incywincyspiders Thu 14-May-20 17:23:36

Could be implantation pain? that's a thing too! You're not out til your AF shows 😊 If you want an earlier result use a first response test smile

HK92 Thu 14-May-20 17:25:47

Don't get disheartened ladies! I tested at 12dpo and 13dpo and both came back negative. But tested again a week later and got a BFP. You aren't out until AF comes. Good luck x

Superstar41 Thu 14-May-20 17:30:54

@incywincyspiders how long does implantation pain usually last? I hope you're right xx I will defo get one xx

@HK92 thank you, you've cheered me up a bit haha smile I hope this is the same with me x

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Bumblebei Thu 14-May-20 17:43:25

@Superstar41 I just grabbed one called freedom is knowing from Pharmacy on way home from work. From the other posts I think we have tested way too early with these tests 🤞 my mind is definitely playing tricks on me as now my cramps have started again! I’m hoping the CB tests arrive tomorrow, as the pack have a digital and two early responses. I just want to go out now and buy one tonight lol x

Superstar41 Thu 14-May-20 17:52:27

@Bumblebei I agree I think we've definitely tested too early with the tests we have bought! I want to too but also am too scared to 😂 at the moment there's still hope as soon as I test and it's negative that's it ! Feel really down this cycle god knows why !! X

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slicedinhalf Thu 14-May-20 17:55:02

Hi ladies, do you mind if I join? I tested today at 11dpo and got a bfn. My mind was trying to convince me that I could see a hint of a second line but unfortunately, I don't think it's there sad can you see anything?

Superstar41 Thu 14-May-20 18:09:58

@slicedinhalf hellooo of course the more the merrier !! Maybe it's the lighting but I can't see anything but everyone is saying that even me @ 12dpo is a bit early for the test I was using! What test did you use ?? Xx

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slicedinhalf Thu 14-May-20 18:20:46

@Superstar41 thank you! grin yes, I was just being impatient! The waiting is so tough, isn't it? I was using a freedom 25mlu strip. It does say on it that it is to be used on the first day of missed period so I'm still holding on to some hope. I've also had cramping the past week or so like you have! Yesterday I started feeling really off and nauseous in the evening and had the same around afternoon time today. It's so annoying not knowing. Fingers crossed for BFP's for us this month! When will you be testing again? Xx

notyetamumbuttrying Thu 14-May-20 18:22:38

I tested today too at 12dpo and bfn. 😣

Superstar41 Thu 14-May-20 18:32:26

@slicedinhalf I have been impatient too 😂 I hate waiting I'm surprised I've waited this long before the first test tbh!! My test was the same only gives results from day of missed period ! I'm gonna try and wait until Monday when af due to arrive how about you?

What do your cramps feel like? AF cramps?

@notyetamumbuttrying aw me neither hun, what test did you use ? X

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slicedinhalf Thu 14-May-20 18:38:22

@Superstar41 I'm very ashamed to say that this is not my first test this month 🤦‍♀️😂 yes, I think our cycles are similar, AF is due Sunday or Monday so I will be waiting until Monday to test too as I only have 1 test leftblush. My cramping has either been on the left side or something similar to when AF is about to make an appearance. I really hope it's not that 🙁 xx

notyetamumbuttrying Thu 14-May-20 18:45:24

Used FRER @Superstar41 so I do believe it! Have my usual pms symptoms but the pressure down below is really strong this month so thought I'd take a punt on a test, but no joy!

Superstar41 Thu 14-May-20 18:51:47

@slicedinhalf haha I'm glad I'm not the only one !! I think our cycles are very similar too!! My cramping has felt very much like AF too sad any other symptoms? Xx

@notyetamumbuttrying when is AF due ?? Maybe HCG not strong enough yet ? xx

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slicedinhalf Thu 14-May-20 19:03:23

@Superstar41 haha! No other symptoms other than the nausea but I'm sure it's all coming from
my head! Fingers crossed for us, hopefully we get our BFP's on Monday!

@notyetamumbuttrying fingers crossed for you!

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