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LH surge + BBT advice please

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lydia771 Wed 13-May-20 12:47:11

I'm 7 days late for AF, had a static smiley on CD 23, now on CD 43. Convinced I didn't actually ovulate just had a surge on 23 as had 0 ovu symptoms.

Just tested on OPK and CB digi and had the darkest OPK test line I've ever had (never even been darker than control line before, had to do two tests as thought first one may be faulty) and also have a static smiley. My BBT had also dropped this morning from 36.72 (yesterday) to 36.50 today.

Judging by this when do you think I will ovulate?

We DTD night before last, going to DTD again tonight and I'll jump on OH tomorrow, reckon that's the optimum effort for DTD? TIA!! 🥰

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lydia771 Wed 13-May-20 12:48:30

Forgot to add photo!

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