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Af or breakthrough spotting? 15dpo spotting a tiny bit

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inayam Tue 12-May-20 19:44:33

Please can anyone help, first time writing on here smile
I am currently 15dpo. At around 10dpo I started getting what felt like AF cramps and had one instance of light pink spotting when I wiped. After that one instance I was back to yellow and clear cm up until last night. Since last night I've been getting the tiniest streaks of blood in my discharge only when I wipe, this has happened around 3 times and then completely clears up and I have clear discharge again in between.
My cramps have almost completely gone, but I feel "wet" down there. I find myself checking for AF but nothing yet? Only these tiny bits of spotting. Am I out this month? I feel so scared to test because hate getting bfns 😭 did anyone else get anything like this before bfp?

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