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CB Digital Ovulation Tests - does anyone know what the lines mean?

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digitalgirl Tue 18-Sep-07 16:23:02

Hello, I messed up the test this morning, peed on the stick before putting it in the reader. I got a faint line towards middle of stick and then a stronger line towards end of stick.

The instrutions say ignore the lines, but just wondered if anyone knew the secret to reading them as they're so expensive don't want to waste another one if it's better to wait till tomorrow afternoon.

crokky Tue 18-Sep-07 16:33:11

When I used them, I peed on the stick whilst it was in the reader and then waited for the blank circle or the smiley face. After that, I took out the stick and looked at the lines - the lines are meaningful because as you get closer to ovulation (1 or 2 days before) you can sometimes notice the fainter line becoming darker each day until it becomes the darker line (an you are ovulating). I think, but can't promise that the line that is faint for you at the moment is the surge line and it is that line that needs to darken to indicate ovulation. If you think you are very close to ovulation, I would test again. If you are a few days before, I wouldn't test again. When I got to day 14, I tested in the morning and it was negative and I retested in the evening and it was positive. But I knew it was coming as I had been watching the lines as well as the digital result.

digitalgirl Tue 18-Sep-07 16:43:35

thanks crokky, that's really helpful. I'll hang on to the test stick so i can compare it with others.

crokky Tue 18-Sep-07 17:05:13

digitalgirl, try and remember what the lines look like, rather than relying on looking at the old stick again, as I seem to remember reading that the faintness and darkness of the lines can change over time (hours) as the stick is not intended to be kept.

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