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TTC in late 30s

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Daybydaybyday87 Sun 10-May-20 23:28:45

Hello, just wondering if anyone can tell me any positive experiences of becoming pregnant in their late 30s please?
I'm 38 and would really like another DC. We have an 8 year old son already. I am currently on Slimming World trying to lose a couple of stones before TTC #2 as I feel that this would be healthier for me and the baby . Periods are regular albeit painful and heavy but that's the norm for me. When I my son in 2012 I had quite a traumatic delivery and I'm actually terrified of a repeat of events. I went overdue by 10 days, went into labour which lasted about 35 hours and finally reached 9cm when they told me DS was stuck and was in distress so rushed me to theatre for EMCS. Turns out my uterus had a huge fibroid in it which I didn't know about so it was removed there and then. I was told my uterus was bulky but shouldn't affect having a baby in the future. DS was a big healthy baby so for that I was relieved.
I would like to try a VBAC next time around, does anyone have any experience of this after EMCS?
Also does anyone have experience of children with a big age gap and how it worked out for you? I've had a few problems with friends saying that I should have had DC#2 sooner but I had health problems in 2015 which knocked me about a bit (lung surgery) so this is why I've not attempted to conceive before now. Once I've lost the weight I'll be good to go.
Many thanks

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Daybydaybyday87 Wed 13-May-20 00:44:32


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Twinkle19 Wed 13-May-20 02:33:21

I would say start trying now don’t wait to loose 2 stone. It might not happen straight away don’t know how long it took you to conceive last time. 38 isn’t to old though so don’t worry.

Daybydaybyday87 Wed 13-May-20 11:55:30

Hi @Twinkle19 thanks for the reply. I got pregnant really really quickly with my first. Hopefully it will be quick this time around!!

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Moominmiss Wed 13-May-20 12:10:35

@Daybydaybyday87 hiya, I’m 37, soon to be 38 and ttc my fourth. I have 3 dc with my ex, but have been with my partner a few years now. He’s younger than me and has no children if his own so we’d love to have one together.
We started ttc September 2019 and I got a bfp in November 2019 which we were over the moon about. Unfortunately I mc at 8/9 weeks on 1st January 2020. I then fell pregnant again in March this year but that ended up being a chemical pregnancy.
So now We’re back ttc again.
My youngest is 5 so would end up being a fairly large gap if I do manage to have another baby.
I don’t have any experience of vbac as my first was emcs and then my second and third were elcs so any other baby I have would have to be born by section too.

I could also do with losing weight, and I am trying but I also know time isn’t on my side so decided to ttc anyway and just continue trying to eat healthily.

Good luck!!

FridaKFangirl Wed 13-May-20 12:55:15

Hi, can I join here? I'm 38, we are just about to start TTC #1 so I'm a little early I appreciate.

Wishing luck to us all x

Twinkle19 Wed 13-May-20 15:09:37

That’s good it was quick last time. I’m 20 weeks now and 38 it took us about 8 months to get pregnant first baby though so don’t know if that’s long or not was starting to worry though it wudnt happen.

Mothersruin123 Wed 13-May-20 15:30:40

I started TTC my DD at 39 and was successful at the first attempt. She was born 3 months after my 40th birthday. I used a clear blue fertility testing device as I was concerned it might take longer due to my age. Good luck!

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