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Going insane! Late, negatives + EWCM

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lydia771 Sun 10-May-20 19:52:44

this month I used CB ovulation detector for the first time, had 4 days of flashing smileys then got a static which was there for 48 hours, tested again when it disappeared and got a circle. I normally get bad cramping and lots of EWCM when I ovulate and didn't have any of that this month, so if I hadn't had tested I would have said I didn't ovulate.

I had a super faint positive pregnancy test at 11dpo, have tested since with a variety of tests and all negative. I'm now on dpo 16 and no sign at all of AF! I've had EWCM from dpo 13 which has dried up today. I've never had this when my period is due, I normally completely dry up post ovulation. during the start of the TWW I had lots of watery cm too.

My mind is going crazy, the latest I am thinking is that I've only just ovulated in the last few days when I've had EWCM. But I have used my CB and it's been negative since I had my static smiley. Do you think I could have had a static but not actually ovulate for another 2 weeks? Sounds unlikely but I just have no idea what's going on.

AF is normally bang on time every month and everything during my cycle normally flows like clockwork! 😫😫

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