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Ovulation after mc

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2020wish Sat 09-May-20 07:17:35

When did you all ovulate ? I’ve read online to start counting day one of mc bleed as af, therefore I am on cycle day 17 and still no peak or rise in bbt. Bleed for 5 days which is similar to my cycle . But I usually ovulated between days 13 to 16 and had a regular 29 day cycle

Starting to worry now I’m not going to ovulate

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ttcin2020 Sat 09-May-20 07:37:44

So sorry you find yourself in this situation 💖
Usually a period will return within 4-6 weeks so try not to worry yet. Easier said than done I know, I felt like I was going insane waiting for ovulation!
I ovulated on CD32 based on OPK and bbt counting CD1 as the day the bleeding properly started after 4/5 days of spotting.
Best of luck, hopefully ovulation is just around the corner for you!

2020wish Sat 09-May-20 07:39:28

Thank you for replying , how far along where you and can you remember when ur hcg levels shows negative on a test? Again sorry for your loss x

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ktl1a Sat 09-May-20 08:02:21

Hi, so sorry for your loss. I had a MVA (surgical) and ovulated exactly 21 days after, I then had my period 14 days after that.

I spotted until I ovulated and still had a faint positive on a test (with a HCG level of 13) at 4 weeks after MVA (so I ovulated even though I had HCG in my system, although not sure what my number had dropped to when that happened.

Hope you get your rise in BBT soon, up until my first period I just really wanted to know where I was with it so that I could start to try to look forward!

ttcin2020 Sat 09-May-20 09:43:49

@2020wish it was CD18 or 19. Hope this helps 💖

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