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Please could someone help with advice about ovulation

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Fueledwithfairydustandgin Thu 07-May-20 20:25:16

I have never used ovulation kits but have just used the Flo app. I only finished my period 2 days ago but I have the egg white CM. I thought you got this when you were ovulating. If so could I be ovulating that soon after AF? Thank you

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Spanneroo Thu 07-May-20 20:35:01

You get this on the run up to ovulation as well as ovulation itself.

I always had EWCM for around 5 days before I ovulated, so my cycle sounds similar to yours. If it helps, mine would typically be:

Period starts (CD1)
Period lasts 7 days (CD1-7)
A little creamy CM for 2 days (CD8-9)
EWCM (CD10-14)
Ovulate (CD14)

Hope that's helpful! (And the paragraphs show up as I'm on the app and it can be hit and miss!)

Fueledwithfairydustandgin Thu 07-May-20 20:48:55

Thank you so much that’s really reassuring and helpful flowers

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