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Doubts and opinions

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monkeybean10 Fri 08-May-20 16:28:48

Thanks for your replies.

My last pregnancy wasn't received particularly well, though I was only 21. I'm 31 now and in a much better place. Yet I still fear negative or judgemental comments. Pathetic, I know!

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skankingpiglet Thu 07-May-20 20:36:31

I wouldn't have waited either to get engaged or to start trying if that's what I'd wanted. You can't put your life on hold. More than one couple are allowed to be getting married or expecting a child at any one point.
If you want to TTC, then do it. You have no guarantee it will happen for you quickly.

Kona84 Thu 07-May-20 20:32:42

Sounds to me that you are putting your happiness on hold for the sake of others.
Why couldn’t you be pregnant at the same time?
Growing up some of my closest friendships were with my cousins.
Stop putting your life on hold.

monkeybean10 Thu 07-May-20 20:20:07

Bit of a waffle, sorry in advance.

So, I have 9yo to a previous relationship. Long story short his dad is an arse.
My OH and I have been together for over 3 years. He's wonderful with my LO and has spoken of wanting one of his own.

He was going to propose, then my brother asked his gf so he let them have their moment. Then they got pregnant, so again, we waited. We said we'd try when their baby had arrived.

They had twins, and sadly one passed away. This was 6 weeks ago.

We still want to try but I'm so anxious about how my family will react, on the basis it happens for us quite quickly. But I don't want to put our lives on hold either...

What would you do?

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