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Hoops, Rings and May Bus 3 Things!

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MrsEmilyB Thu 07-May-20 16:56:03

Hi Ladies,

So we seem to be absolutely hammering through our May Bus 2 thread. My gosh we can chat! But you have been vital to my sanity this cycle ❤️❤️❤️ I've tagged as many as i can think of at the end of a working week 🤯 please tag the others as I absolutely haven't the brain power!

@RobinRose @babyG123 @SmileyT @Ltay2 @Positivetime @GingerBaby89 @Sausage1990 @firsttimetry @Minster2012 @coronababy

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SS123456 Thu 07-May-20 16:57:58

Joining the bus 😊

SmileyT Thu 07-May-20 17:05:00

While we are all still chatting on the old bus we should use the first messages to put where we are in cycle etc so people can find cycle/ testing buddies.

I'm 31, cycle 2, CD19, 5dpo trying for #1 testing 20th May

BabyDust13 Thu 07-May-20 17:05:02

Love this bus

BabyDust13 Thu 07-May-20 17:10:46

I'm 33, cycle 9, CD23, 6DPO trying for #1 not sure when I'm testing 🤔

RobinRose Thu 07-May-20 17:19:44

@SmileyT good idea!

26, cycle 8, CD9, expecting O soon! # I won’t test unless af is late.

Let’s go girls! 🚌 🤞

Marshmallow123 Thu 07-May-20 17:29:39

Can I jump on too please?

30, cycle 2, CD4, trying for baby #1

Franklydear Thu 07-May-20 17:32:14

42, cycle 7, trying for #2, testing ideally around the 21st🤞

Pol96 Thu 07-May-20 17:33:26

Can I join too please?
Trying for my first, technically second cycle actively trying but not been preventing for about a year. Currently CD 22 4dpo, holding of testing as long as I can.

Positivetime Thu 07-May-20 17:34:10

Great idea and thanx for the tag!

I’m 35 Cycle 3, CD23, baby #1. Testing if I miss my period, AF due 15th.

ZRS86 Thu 07-May-20 17:35:56

Hello everyone! I’ve followed the last two buses but not commented yet so thought I’d join at the start of this one if that’s ok.

I’m 33, cycle 2 trying for baby #1, CD19 and 5DPO (I think). I think that’s very similar to you @SmileyT 😊

I’ve enjoyed following all the conversations, support and BFPs from the previous buses. 🤞for more BFPs to come on this bus.

Ltay2 Thu 07-May-20 17:43:10

I am technically off this bus and now on June bus as AF arrived today! But enjoying seeing how everyone's getting on so lurking here too 👀 🚌

I am 29, OH is 31. This is now our third cycle but only our second going whole hog and tracking everything. TTC first baby 💕

CD1 ready for a fresh start on a new cycle, next test date would now be around 6th June 🤞🏼

Sausage1990 Thu 07-May-20 17:56:58

Hello everyone
I'm 30, cycle 4 ttc #1 currently cd41 and 3dpo after a late ovulation. I'll test if af doesn't arrive... Flo app predicts af due around 15th so we'll see how long I can hold out if she doesn't show up 🤞🏻

Hoping1 Thu 07-May-20 18:07:10

Hi everyone joining this bus my story I am 30. I have been trying for 3 years was just about to do IVF when covid hit . So trying naturally again using ovulation sticks and testing on 18th if af hasn't arrived xx

Runnergirl1 Thu 07-May-20 18:14:20

I should be on the June bus now but thoroughly enjoying the chat on here

I’m 33, cycle 2, cd2, trying for baby no.1

Marshmallow123 Thu 07-May-20 18:27:30

@runnergirl1 @Ltay2 I am also early June so we all seem to at a similar point!

Marshmallow123 Thu 07-May-20 18:28:09

*to be at a similar point

Runnergirl1 Thu 07-May-20 18:30:15

@Marshmallow123 that’s good to know as I didn’t manage to pick up on my OPKs last cycle so hopefully can follow your leads to see similarities

MrsEmilyB Thu 07-May-20 18:30:33

Hi everyone ❤️❤️ and welcome to our newcomers! 👋🏻 We are still over on Toot Toot May bus 2 rings Inc until we run out of space (likely by tomorrow knowing us!)

I'm Emily 😊 I'm just turned 30, DH is just about to turn 31. We are on Cycle #2 of TTC Baby #1. I am on CD19 and I think I ovulated yesterday but I haven't had a LH peak this month 🤔

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Juno231 Thu 07-May-20 18:44:15

@SmileyT great idea!

I'm 32, on cycle 4 and TTC#1.
Currently 4DPO (I think!) and testing on 15th of May.

Love this bus so much!

Mrsirvine Thu 07-May-20 18:44:45

I’m Lisa, 33y/o. Ttc baby #3 6th pregnancy. 3dpo I think lol xx

Mrsi2020 Thu 07-May-20 18:45:54

Just did a name change lol xx

BabyG123 Thu 07-May-20 18:56:32

Marking my place xx

Newbie0818 Thu 07-May-20 19:01:54

Hello again May bus 3 girls! Cd51, possibly 5/6 dpo, cycles all over the place after stopping the pill in August, this is officially cycle 4 of ttc #1 smile

SandyN89 Thu 07-May-20 19:02:50

Hi Ladies I'm 30, CD25 Cycle 4 currently on 10DPO

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