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Bfp getting darker after bleed?

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Thaimoon Wed 06-May-20 18:58:11

I had this. Unfortunately in my case it turned out to be v.early miscarriage. Midwife said sometimes there can be retained tissue which leads to rising hcg. However that was just my experience it may well be a different story for you flowers

Ffswhatnoww Wed 06-May-20 18:43:13

Yes these were after. The ones before the bleeding were very faint although in a previous (healthy) pregnancy I also had slow rising HCG

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popcorndiva Wed 06-May-20 18:34:07

Are these the tests after the bleeding as they are very faint if its after your AF is due.

Ffswhatnoww Wed 06-May-20 18:32:40

Couldn’t really get a pic of the positives off before the bleed, very hard to see the line

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HowFurloughCanYouGo Wed 06-May-20 18:27:12

Have you got a pic?

Ffswhatnoww Wed 06-May-20 18:18:53

Hi all, poas around a week ago, very faint line (Asda and internet cheapie). The lines stayed very light and I started bleeding 2 days ago, very heavy, bright red bleed. Still bleeding now. I assumed it was a chemical. I tested again today with some spare I have (Tested twice today) and the bfp Is the darkest I’ve had so far.

Does anyone know why that could be? Maybe assumed a faint line still but definitely not darker.

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