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Faint Lines or Evap lines?

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Coocoochill Tue 05-May-20 14:54:53

Hi ladies,

I hope some of you can help who may have experienced similar to this. It’s my husband and I’s first month trying for a baby so we did not expect that it would certainly happen this month however....I am late on my period. This is not unusual for me as I can be irregular but as we are now trying I thought I’d do a test. So on Thursday morning I did a cheap pink dye test and it looked negative until around 2 mins later when I was going to chuck it away and there was a faint faint line there. I was shocked and although by husband saw it too we didn’t know whether to believe it. We tested again on the same day in the evening and it again had a faint faint line - a bit fainter this time

I decided to test again the next day on Friday morning. This time it looked pretty much negative although we both said it looked like the faintest of faint of a line but this made me believe it wasn’t the month for us at this stage.

After speaking to a friend I waited a couple of days and tested again Sunday morning and expected it to be negative. However within one minute there was a faint line again. A tiny bit more noticeable this time but not by much. Not enough for me to be sure I don’t think.

This is all new and all I keep hearing is about evaporation lines but these lines albeit extremely faint appear within less than 5 minuets. I don’t even know if they have a pink colour to them or not sad I’m so confused.

I have been using the same pink dye cheap tests and I bought 4 from my local shop. Could it be dodgy tests? I don’t want to sound like I’m lookimg for reasons for it not to be positives but I don’t want to get my hopes up yet at the same time.

I’ve attached photos. The first test being Thursdays and the 2nd being Sunday’s.

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Coocoochill Tue 05-May-20 14:56:37

Thursday morning test.

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Coocoochill Tue 05-May-20 14:59:58

Sunday mornings test.

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Coocoochill Tue 05-May-20 15:01:31

A better one of Sunday mornings test.

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MsFrog Tue 05-May-20 15:36:53

I would say they are definitely positive

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