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Having the coil removed

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Lealoo52 Tue 05-May-20 14:09:04

So after spending the last 3 years adamant that I was happy with 2 children I have realised I really would like a 3rd. Would like to start trying straight away but what with Corona virus I can't even get my coil removed. 😥 So thought I would post on here and see if anyone else is having to wait? X

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BerylSilverstone Tue 05-May-20 14:50:16

I just posted similar on here this morning. I’m in same boat, very lucky to have 2 children already but wanting to go for a third. I have a contraceptive implant in that I need to get removed.

Lealoo52 Tue 05-May-20 18:26:38

How exciting someone else in the same position! How old are your 2? Have you always wanted a 3rd? We have got a lot going on at the moment as trying to buy a house aswell but am feeling very impatient!

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fellyjish Tue 05-May-20 18:51:36

I'm really broody (which is weird as despite having a baby I've never been broody!) but can't start trying for no 2 until next year for financial reasons amongst others

...probably a good thing that I have the implant and don't think I'd be able to get an apt to get it out!

But for now I'll dream of baby names and what new things I'd buy for baby 2 and whether I'd want to re-decorate the nursery...

Isadora2007 Tue 05-May-20 18:55:38

Apparently it can be removed during your period yourself... 😬
But I am NOT recommending that!!
I got pregnant pretty quickly after coil removal and I was 30/31.

LJD32 Tue 05-May-20 19:28:38

I have name changed but I am OP.
Isadora2007 I could not think of anything worse than trying to remove it myself! With my first it took us just over a year of trying and with my second just a couple of months.
fellyjish how old is baby 1? There is 2 1/2 years between mine but my youngest is about to turn 3 so am worried about leaving it too much longer but then by brain is saying wait untill you have got in the new house and worked out new monthly outgoings etc! My heart is saying have a baby now!!!!

Bells3032 Tue 05-May-20 19:57:57

Wanting mine out though still thinking getting pregnant first time in this may not be ideal. So will have to wait! Before lock down was the opposite of broody and since it started all I can think of is babies! Can't pull mine out as my doctor cut my strings really really short lol can just about feel the pointy end if I am relaxed and go very high lol

BerylSilverstone Tue 05-May-20 20:10:08

Hi @ LJD32,
My two are 11 and 6 so would be a bit of an age gap! How old are your children? My boys are from my previous relationship, which unfortunately didn’t work out, but I am now with my lovely DH and wanting to try for a child together x

LJD32 Tue 05-May-20 20:22:00

@Bells3032 I was the same. A month ago I laughed when people would ask me if I want anymore! Hopefully you will be able to start trying soon!

@BerylSilverstone mine are 5 and littlest will be 3 in 3 weeks! I think that is what has triggered the urge preparing for her birthday. Very nervous about having a 3rd though and how family will react and the extra costs! When do you think you will get the implant out? X

BerylSilverstone Tue 05-May-20 20:31:21

I feel the same, a bit nervous about having a third. It’s like a conflict between my head and heart tbh lol. Head says baby days are over then my heart says just go for one more, it would be nice for DH and I have a child together etc etc! I was hoping to have implant taken out around August/September.

Pebbleinthesand Sat 09-May-20 12:31:05

I'm the same desperately want a second but have a mirena coil at the moment. My little girl is about to turn 3 too OP so I completely get what you mean about not wanting to wait too long age gap wise.

I've heard some really awful horror stories on here about people removing their coil themselves so definitely won't be trying that but I keep wondering when I'll be able to book an appointment to have my coil removed.

Something about it being taken out of my hands is turning me into a crazy broody person 😂

littlelionroars Sat 09-May-20 12:38:27

I'm similar, I have a copper IUD, we were planning to start trying to conceive in June but not sure when I'll even be able to get my coil removed at this point. Or if I want to risk being pregnant now for that matter.

I have one DS who is two 2.4years, I conceived him very easily. Hoping I'll have the same luck this time around.

passthemustard Sat 09-May-20 17:00:55

I feel for you! I managed to get my coil removed on 12th March before it all went totally crazy! Got my BFP on April 23rd! But I’m having an existential crisis about bringing a new baby into this craziness!! Fingers crossed the lockdown will be modified next week so you can make an appointment to get it out! Good luck

LJD32 Sat 09-May-20 17:07:54

Wow that was a quick BFP congratulations! Hope all goes smoothly! Yep fingers crossed I can get it removed soon although my mind seems to be changing daily at them moment! 🙄

MelonsMcGee Sat 09-May-20 17:13:24

I pulled mine out before DD2. Just gave it a tiny tug and put it came

Pebbleinthesand Sat 09-May-20 21:43:01

I'm the same with changing my mind almost daily. I go from needing to get pregnant now to, maybe I should wait a year to, maybe my daughter would be okay being an only child 😂

passthemustard Sat 09-May-20 23:11:41

LJD32 it was so quick, took me by surprise. At least no chance to change my mind! Hoping it all goes ok. My boobs are killing me and I’ve had the worst breakout on face and chest ever so taking it all as a good sign.

There’s always so many reasons not to have a baby but you will never regret having one when they are here smile

CharleyFarleyy Sun 10-May-20 14:06:19

Hi everyone, I was just wondering if anyone actually called the doctors to see if they could get their implant/coil removed and what they said?

I'm thinking if getting my implant removed and wondering when/if I could get an appointment!

musiceverywhere Sun 10-May-20 20:45:00

Can I join? Hoping to email GP tomorrow to enquire but suspect I'll be told no. Next option is asking the clinic at work (hospital). Turn 40 in a few months and husband has finally agreed to try for DC2 (have DD6). Now it's all I can think about and every month feels like time wasted. Even considered getting it done privately but looking at around £300 shock Don't think I want to risk doing it myself.
In the meantime I'm going to start tracking ovulation (if that's even still happening sad) and taking folate etc. And start losing this lockdown weight...

WafflesandPancakess Sun 10-May-20 21:04:40


I’m in the same position and posted about it the other week.

I contacted local sexual health clinic which said they weren’t doing any non- emergency appointments. Also they were advising not to ttc at the moment.

I’m going to contact my GP directly sometime this week but I’m not holding out much hope.

I know not many chances have been announcing but surely they will need to provide these services soon. I am a ‘key worker’, and would consider my job far less essential than this.

Fingers crossed. smile

Definitely don’t diy! Although is obviously is tempting.

Where can you go to get this done privately?

WafflesandPancakess Sun 10-May-20 21:06:33

Ahh terrible typos on my post!

Just to add, my DD is 2 soon and I would love a 3 year age gap. smile

musiceverywhere Mon 11-May-20 10:07:46

So to update- I emailed GP surgery this morning (it's an automated system at the moment so I think the Drs are actually looking most of the requests themselves). She called me back at 9.30am!
She said her first thought was no as it's not considered an emergency but she spoke to a couple of her colleagues about it and they agreed it would be unfair to ask me to wait for what is essentially an unknown length of time at my age 🙈. So the answer was yes! 👍 Would definitely recommend speaking to GP not just asking receptionist.

musiceverywhere Mon 11-May-20 10:12:38

Also would add (if possible and sorry to any male GPs out there)- try and speak to a female Dr. I know if shouldn't make a difference but I'm convinced it did. She sounded very sympathetic on the phone.

Cherrytangfastic Mon 11-May-20 10:17:16

I carefully pulled mine out during a period after a glass of wine. Took about a minute to get a grip on it and 3-4 seconds to pull it out.

Was pregnant a few weeks later.

Obviously I wouldn't technically recommend it, but it was fine.

Elephantonascooter Mon 11-May-20 10:17:34

I managed to book an appointment to have my coil removed last week. However, it's stuck. I'm waiting for a referral to complex contraception clinic but they arnt doing appointments and there was a 3 month wait pre covid. Sad because we want to ttc dc2.

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