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First month temping - confused

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Loola90 Tue 05-May-20 13:07:31

So this is my first month temping and using strips.

I have two kids and they weren’t planned. I have a bang on 27 day cycle.

I’m currently on CD15. Lots of EWCM from cd7 -14. No positive LH strip and no temp rise from what I can see (?)

EWCM has stopped today and have had a small bit of pink spotting which is totally out of the norm for me.

From the photos it doesn’t look like I’ve ovulated right? And surely it would be too late now for a 27 day cycle?

Any help or opinions would be great on

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CraftyGardener Tue 05-May-20 15:24:05

I’m not expert but I’ve been tracking my temps for 18 months (Natural cycles as BC) and my temp doesn’t go up till after I’ve ovulated (typically ovulate day 16, temp rises day 16/17). No idea on the tests though sorry. Good luck!

CraftyGardener Tue 05-May-20 15:24:46

Sorry meant O day 15 then rise day after

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