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Unable to conceive after 6 months TTC

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Annas1237 Tue 05-May-20 11:53:35

I am 39 years old, going to be 40 in a 2 months. Don’t have any children. Have been married before to someone who turned out to be against having children, even though we discussed that before marriage. My current fiancee is 4 years younger than me - 35 and we have been trying to conceive our child for the last 6 months to no success. I have been through every fertility check test possible and nothing negative came back. After getting my period this morning yet again, I was feeling down and when I told my partner about it he was disheartened and said that maybe we are incompatible, which cut me like a knife. I am starting to feel like I am too old to have a baby and I am starting to lose hope. I also feel less attractive as a woman to him. I am not sure what else to do (I take all the required supplements, eat healthy, quit drinking etc). The only thing we haven’t tried is fertility treatments - chlomid, IVF. Ladies, just need some reassurance, feeling very down today.

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DoctorBambino Tue 05-May-20 12:02:40

Sorry to hear you are feeling like this, ttc really sucks. On the plus side if you have had tests and nothing has come of it at least you know it's possible. Has your partner had checks and eating healthy etc?

Ohnoducks Tue 05-May-20 13:11:11

On average, across all age groups it takes 5 cycles. You're only a hair away from average, if you've had the tests and nothing is coming up unfortunately I think it's a case of keep trying a bit longer and hope somehing works. Of my group of 8 mum friends we all started trying late 20s and early 30s and only 2 of us fell pregnant in under 6 months, so I choose to believe that the 5 month average is heavily skewed towards very young mums, and it should be more widely known that 30+ it's not going to happen straight away even when all is working fine. For what it's worth it took me 5 cycles at 28, at 35 I'm now on cycle 11 with no joy so far, but having had two successful pregnancies I know it's likely all is working okay, it's just taking me longer this time. Really hope this is your month.

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