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Is this positive?

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BMWL Sun 03-May-20 11:43:32

Is this a positive OPK?
Really having difficulty reading these! sad
Can't tell if the line is as dark as the control line (line on the left is the control line)

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RyanStartedTheFire Sun 03-May-20 11:44:28

No, not quite but almost.

RyanStartedTheFire Sun 03-May-20 11:45:20

I'd test again this afternoon and get DTD anyway though as it's obviously almost here.

BMWL Sun 03-May-20 16:49:15

This one is the most recent, I think the line has become darker (FINALLY)

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BeingATwatItsABingThing Sun 03-May-20 16:50:10

The second one is positive. Get BDing!

Mich2020 Sun 03-May-20 17:28:53

This is mine from the afternoon today. Good luck and get down to it ☺️

RyanStartedTheFire Sun 03-May-20 18:16:16

Yes that second one is positive. Good luck!

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