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Toot toot May bus 2- rings inc

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babyG123 Fri 01-May-20 22:02:48

Not sure how often OP goes on!!! Eeeek so thought I'd start a new one as running out of space. Hope that's ok....

Littlebump2018 Fri 01-May-20 22:30:34

Hey everyone! 6dpo and I feel nothing! I really hope we won't be on the May bus but I have feeling I will be sad x

handbaglover93 Fri 01-May-20 22:36:56

Hey! 5dpo here, 16 months ttc our first, just keeping as positive as possible and crossing my fingers. Baby dust to you all x

vintagemoo Fri 01-May-20 23:05:30

Hello! Thanks for the new group!

@MrsEmilyB So jealous of you being able to orgasm at the drop off a hat! I couldn't come with a guy for ages, but now able to relax enough orally... Which brings me on to...

@GingerBaby89 Saliva! My husband keeps reminding me of this.. hmm I feel like this is a major biological malfunction surely!

SS123456 Fri 01-May-20 23:09:44

Joining the second May bus with you smile

MrsEmilyB Fri 01-May-20 23:19:12

@vintagemoo pahaha 😂 definitely a biological malfunction! Gonna be honest though, I find it SO hard to orgasm that way! Isn't it weird we are all different?

MrsEmilyB Fri 01-May-20 23:24:03

@Sausage1990 - where in the valleys? We moved from South Wales in December! I went to uni in Cardiff in 2014 and we bought out first house in Coedkernew!

I've seen a babygro I'd reaaaaaally want for an annoucement if we got lucky this month. It says "product of quarantine and chill coming X 2021" 😂 although it's been anything but chill haha

Sausage1990 Fri 01-May-20 23:36:16

@MrsEmilyB oh what a small world I went to uni in Cardiff too. But I had finished by the time you were there by the sound of it. I'm from Caerphilly originally but moved to Merthyr a few years ago 😊

Haha love the baby grow idea too... So many amazing ideas. I saw these fortune cookies online that have "we're having a baby" or similar inside them so you can have them with family or friends with your Saturday night take away. I loved that idea by DH wasn't into it lol

Hopefulmummie Fri 01-May-20 23:42:10

Hi everyone.

Currently on CD7 and planning to do SMEP plan so will be starting to dtd from tomorrow.
Really want this to be our month

Juno231 Fri 01-May-20 23:46:38

Joining you girls here before I lose track of the new thread!

Marshmallow123 Fri 01-May-20 23:47:30

Hi Everyone. Thanks @babyG123 for starting the new thread.

CoronaBaby Fri 01-May-20 23:49:22

@babyG123 thanks for the new thread! I read up on what I’ve missed in the last one! I’ve been trying to limit my phone use as I was getting a bit unproductive!
I’m just coming out of my FW, I had terrible cramps which I am hoping was ovulation!
@MrsEmilyB that babygrow sounds great! Fingers crossed you will be purchasing in the next few weeks!
@Sausage1990 you could do it for a saturday night games night and play charades and announce it that way!
I didn’t do anything cute like that last time as I had a bleed early on, I had a scan to check all was ok and after just blurted it out to my family! This time I’m planning on doing something cute to mark the occasion!

MrsEmilyB Fri 01-May-20 23:52:36

@Sausage1990 sorry, tired brain... I went to Cardiff in 2010!! Aww I think the fortune cookie is a cute idea!!

@Marshmallow123 - hey girl 💕

@hopefulmummie - welcome! We are trying SMEP this month too, although there has been 1 day it's been 2 days off before a day dtd again. I'm cycle day 13 now, due to ovulate CD18 so FW starts tomorrow and we'll dtd daily. Good luck to you! I really hope this is oue month too. How many cycles have you been trying for?

Hopefulmummie Sat 02-May-20 00:00:02


I normally ovulate on cd14 or 15.
Good luck to you too.
I got my coil out last July and we were trying for a few months but relaxing over Christmas but have now started to try again this will be the 3rd month properly since relaxing. What about u x

RobinRose Sat 02-May-20 00:18:15

I’m hopping on this one too!

ApplePie86 Sat 02-May-20 00:37:51

So Fertility Friend has told me I'm 3DPO. This is even with me bleeding the last 5 days. I've put it down as spotting because with the exception of 1 day, it's only when I wipe and it's all brown.

It's definitely decreased and not a lot at all now but still there.

Trying to even think if there was any chance it could've been a miscarriage or ectopic but dates-wise nothing else makes sense other than ovulation bleeding or random unexplained mid cycle spotting.

Suppose I'll know in a week or 10 days if that genuinely was ovulation.

Sticking with will power though and not testing unless I have serious symptoms and like a month later than expected! Lol

Adrianoska Sat 02-May-20 01:28:53

Hello girls, nice to see you here ❤️
How is everyone?

I am now 9dpo and somehow feel more hopeful this cycle (5th one) so I am symptom spotting like mad. Any of it creditable? : white creamy cm, tender boobs, some gentle cramps and lower back ache. Obviously it could be just AF coming 🤔😔

I am so desperate.. ♥️❤️

HiddenBleak Sat 02-May-20 05:27:15

Hello all!! It’s my first time here and I’m due for a period in about five days time according to the Ovia app, but I’ve got pcos and my cycle is messed up. Hopefully I get lucky this monthsmile it’s my second cycle trying and I went quite mad last month being utterly convinced that I was pregnant only to find out via ultrasound that I wasn’t. So yea... fingers crossed

HiddenBleak Sat 02-May-20 05:29:24

I quite forgot to mention, about three days ago I had a slight brownish streaks in cm when wiping... would this be spotting?? Something hopeful or nah

MrsLBear Sat 02-May-20 06:15:43

Hi ladies just marking my spot. Hope everyone is ok!! Well as can be 😂😂
11dpo and 100% losing my sanity as every day goes by. Keep waking up insanely early it's driving me nuts.
Haven't got any tests still otherwise I would definitely have poas by now.
Baby dust to you all and hopefully this'll be our lucky thread 🍀

Minster2012 Sat 02-May-20 07:08:27

Morning & welcome to newbies @Hopefulmummie, @HiddenBleak & @SS123456! On our last thread just to warn you we got a bit saucy so anything goes here (except saliva) I’m with you on that one @GingerBaby89

The preseed is great lube totally recommend!

@MrsLBear that’s good restraint at 11dpo stay strong! When are you going to get tests?
@Adrianoska you stay strong too lovely, tender boobs and lower back pain can be symptoms
@HiddenBleak when was the spotting? Similar to @ApplePie86 then, I’ve had brown spotting yesterday mid cycle preovulation 🤷‍♀️It’s all weird

Happy Saturday!

GingerBaby89 Sat 02-May-20 07:51:58

Morning ladies 🥰 My BBT rose overnight so I'm assuming I ovulated yesterday.

So excited to see some BFPs ladies, god knows we all need a bit of good news!!!

babyG123 Sat 02-May-20 07:55:38

You're welcome all was worried we'd lose the thread!

8dpo and 6th morning of feeling sick. Fine 2pm onwards. Refuse to symptom spot and get my hopes up...... therefore this is a weird ass bug!

popcorndiva Sat 02-May-20 07:56:13

Signing into the 2nd thread. Predicted day of ovulation for me CD18. We dtd last night after I bought another vibrator thanks to you lot.

My reason was last time I was pregnant I was scared to have sex in the first trimester but horny so vibrator will sort me out.

babyG123 Sat 02-May-20 08:01:52

@popcorndiva 🤣 that arrived quick

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