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Please help. Opks and miscarriage

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2020wish Fri 01-May-20 14:17:50

I started bleeding last week at 6+1 weeks pregnant. Bleeding lasted until Monday. Tuesday I went for a scan and confirmed miscarriage.(womb completely empty and noted as pregnancy of unknown location and advised that tests should start going negative soon, if not I may have to go back) thankfully Wednesday I took a clear blue digital test and it was a BFN. I also took a opk that day as I want to start tracking ovulation so I can try again. My femometer app is saying that opk on the 29th was ‘high’. But yesterday and today both ‘low’.

Could that high reading be left over hcg ? Even tho the test said neg or could I have ovulated already and missed my window

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cookielove Fri 01-May-20 14:19:25

I would use a different test as those digital's are not very sensitive and there may still be hcg in your system.

Do you want to ttc straight away?

2020wish Fri 01-May-20 14:23:58

I took a few different tests yesterday, all were negative. It’s just that one opk throwing me off.

Yes we want to start trying straight away

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Upsydaisyy Fri 01-May-20 14:48:05

I had a MC last year, my hcg levels were monitored as bleeding and positive tests persisted. I ovulated 4 weeks after when my hcg reached 4 so it’s entirely possible although it does seem a little early

Hope your doing ok x

cookielove Fri 01-May-20 15:09:15

I would continue using opk's and dtd as an when needed then.

The opk in the photo isn't postitive though!

Good luck x

2020wish Fri 01-May-20 15:12:32

Thank you both for ur replies. I’m ok.. could be better.. feel very empty and don’t think anyone thinks I’m valid in my feelings as I was only 6 weeks. Trying to get myself out of this funk and trying to concentrate on going forward . This is the first time I’ve tried to use these types of opks and apps. I usually bought the clear blue digitals but can’t face spending the money now

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cookielove Fri 01-May-20 15:20:46

A loss is a loss no matter how early! Be kind to yourself x

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