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Two days late on period BFN questions

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Jas94 Thu 30-Apr-20 05:39:42

Hello Ladies so I'm two days late, just done a test and it's s a negative 😭 the tests are from poundland so wondering if i should go out and buy a decent brand, or if my time is up and I will be getting a period any day now. So frustrating, Hate that my body is playing tricks on me. Track when I ovulate, if I am starting my AF I want it happening now, so I can just try again😞 anyone else know if I still have a chance? Do you think I should try a different brand?

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Seabreeze18 Thu 30-Apr-20 05:46:11

If you are absolutely certain you ovulated on a specific day and you are more than 14 days past that then I would wait a bit and try again, some tests are better than others and some people have less pregnancy hormone at the beginning. However, if you are not completely sure on the exact day of ovulation you could just be a bit late with your period this cycle, which is completely normal. Fingers crossed for u!

Kissme1983 Thu 30-Apr-20 08:57:31

I agree with what seabreeze said. If af doesn't show in a few day test again. This did happen to me about 5 cycles ago, I worked myself up and ended up causing my af to be late. I was 9 days late before she showed her ugly face. Good luck to you though and I hope you get your BFP soon

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