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TTC after cerelle

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Babykent Thu 30-Apr-20 05:36:53

Hi everyone,

Just looking to hear about other people’s journey/experience.

I had been on the normal pill around 8 years and then on the mini pill cerelle for just over a year. It took just over a month for my withdrawal bleed after stoping cerelle. How long did people take to get pregnant after cerelle? I’m currently on my second cycle of TTC. This month I started using clear clue digital ovulation tests, so far I’ve had 5 “flashing smiley faces” meaning high fertility but had no peaks! Starting to worry I’m not ovulating as normal. I always had the deep down feeling what if I can’t have kids. It’s really starting to get me down after everyone around me seems to be happening straight away☹️ Any advice?

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Elmlee Thu 30-Apr-20 05:44:54

Hello lovely,
Your pill situation sounds extremely similar to mine.
I came off cerelle after slightly less time but been on various types of contraception for many years.

My advise would be try not to fret, I did and it doesn't help. My cycles are awful between 26-49 days long. Very irregular... I used opk tests. But was so rubbish at remembering. So in the end I stopped.

It's very common for a women's cycle to take 3-12 months to settle.

I noticed after a few months I started to notice a change is discharge, certain pains of not felt before. That's really helped me.

I'm speaking in past tense as I got a BFP yesterday. Calling my doctors if my tests this morning are positive.

Just got everything crossed. You've got this beautiful. I felt exactly the same I was preparing to cry to the doctors that I don't think we could.

Elmlee Thu 30-Apr-20 05:47:48

May I also add I only cake officially off the pill late November, had a withdrawal bleed right away. No bleed in December at all then cycles of between 26/49 days.

Ovia the app really helped me. You can log periods, when you DTD and any symptoms xxx

Babykent Thu 30-Apr-20 05:51:15

Congratulations on your BFP!!💛

I’m trying to watch out for changes but I haven’t had anything apart from my flow being a lot lighter, I thought I would of experienced some change☹️

If you don’t mind me asking how long have you been TTC before getting your BFP?

Congratulations again and thank you so much for the reassurance💕

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Elmlee Thu 30-Apr-20 06:03:17

Hey lovely I officially stopped my pill around November 20th 2019.
So glad I've found your post I've slept crap from a mixture of excitement and feeling sick. Glad I'm not the only person awake.

Thank you, like I said I never thought I'd see 2 lines on a test. I bought cheapies on amazon.

In regards to symptoms I only really honestly started getting to grips after a few months. I really started noticing ovulation cramps, I used to try and start taking opks from CD10. Then this month I really noticed feeling noticeably wetter (sorry for tmi).

Currently lying in bed wide awake but feel knackered, but sure if I have a UTI, heartburn, nausea or I'm hungry 🙈🙈

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