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irregular periods, cd39, 14dpo BFN

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kerrym87 Mon 27-Apr-20 09:00:33

Hi everyone,

Just hoping for some advice or people to talk to about this. Had implant out in September after 12 years being on implants. Before this my cycles were irregular but generally 30-37 days. Since implant removal they have been: 44, 35, 43, 33, 44 so in theory this cycle would have been in the 30's.

I used bbt, CM and opk's and got my positive opk cd 24, temp rise cd 25/6 so think that fits in with when I ovulated. Had worse pms than usual physical wise but seems to be settling a bit though still have bad indigestion/feeling yakky and still have sore nipples. Now cd39 so 14dpo, no sign of AF and BFN.

I know I should wait until it would be a 40-odd day cycle to be sure although sure of ovulation signs (but I know can't be sure I actually ovulated).

The length of time between cycles and the wait is soooo hard and I try not to get hopes up but I'm now 33 and already 7 months in ttc.

Anyone have similar difficulties at all?

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