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Massive bleed

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havenoideawhatshappening Sun 26-Apr-20 23:48:18

Hi. I've been on Mumsnet on and off for a few years and need some help. Name changed.

So my partner and I have been TTC baby number 2 for 6+ months. My son is 3 years old if that helps.
Last night, 6 days before AF was due I noticed some pinky discharge when I wiped. Stupidly I got myself excited and thought it could be implantation bleeding (timing was about right) and the next 24 hours continued as normal.
Tonight, just before bed I doubled over in pain and got myself to the toilet quickly. Sorry but this is about to be too much information. I sat on the toilet and the blood just came out, thick and fast. It made me nauseous and dizzy. For the past couple of hours it has been heavy and filled a pad.
I am in my 30's. My periods are and have always been very regular, 28 days and very light. I've bleed more in 2 hours than I would usually bleed in one day. I've never had an early period in my life.
What's just happened to me?
Have I had a very early miscarriage?
I'm due AF on Thursday.
Everything I have read about Implantation bleeding points to light bleeding and pinky blood. This was/is very heavy and a deep red.
I understand there isn't much I can do to change what is happening to me but I feel confused, shaky, hot and the pain in my legs and lower abdomen is getting worse (in a dull way not a sharp way)
Please help me figure out what this is. I don't feel right at all. I'm not too concerned about not being pregnant this month I am more worried about my body if that makes sense?
Thank you.

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havenoideawhatshappening Mon 27-Apr-20 00:59:47


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LuminousAmber Mon 27-Apr-20 01:02:54

It may be a miscarriage op but I would definitely go and get yourself checked with those symptoms.

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