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Implantation bleeding??

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Mariepink97 Sun 26-Apr-20 20:14:36

Hi all. Wondering if anyone has had the same? I came off the pill on 23rd March and had the first day of my withdrawal bleeding on the 29th March lasting until the 1st April.

I've now got brown discharge which has been lasting since Wednesday which is now 4 days. It's only there when I wipe and it's a tiny bit. I do normally get black very dark brown discharge when I'm coming on period but only lasts a day or so and I also need to use a pad for it as it leaks a lot and fills a pad.

This month it has only been a tiny bit once I have wiped and now it's easing off more and no period has made an appearance.

Has anyone else had this? Has it turned into period or has anyone had this and it turned into pregnancy? Xx

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