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Rhubarbe Sun 26-Apr-20 14:12:46

I’m CD 25 today, usually have about 32/33 day cycles.
I haven’t temped this cycle but was fairly sure I ovulated CD16/17 (usual for me) - EWCM etc.
I got a bit more EWCM on what I thought was D5PO, but not very much. The past two days I’ve had loads of lotiony CM (loads!) but this morning there was some more stretchy CM mixed in. I did an OPK and it was the strongest positive I’ve ever had. Can I be ovulating late even though most of the CM is thick and not fertile-appearing?

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Rhubarbe Sun 26-Apr-20 20:09:03

Tiny hopeful bump

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Lily2020 Sun 26-Apr-20 20:21:42

Have you got a pregnancy test? I've read a lot about people getting positive opks before a bfp!

WineLover1234 Sun 26-Apr-20 20:23:51

Hi @Rhubarbe 😊❤️ I came off the pill on the 4th April. We have been trying to conceive ever since. On the 16th April I experienced some weird cramping/sharp twinge around my ovary area and thought hmm could just be AF. I then later on that day experienced some CM.. And I came on here and asked for advice and went on Google, and everything on Google and everyone on here pointed at ovulation. So I made sure me and DP did the deed. Then a few days ago, Friday I think! I experienced the CM again, however no cramping. So I'm wondering if maybe was I actually ovulating this week, or is it CM related to conception? I am waiting until 1st May to test as that will be 2 weeks since I think I may have ovulated. Problem is, cos I've come straight off of the pill, my cycle is all to pot so this could all just be coinsidence for me. But still feeling hopeful we have managed to conceive. Some women catch straight away after coming off of the pill and others takes months, even years! I'm sorry this post doesn't really give you advice, just thought it would be good to chat seeing as though you are experiencing the CM?? Keeping fingers crossed for you 😃 💜

Rhubarbe Sun 26-Apr-20 22:07:10

Ooh @Lily2020 really? I have an FRER in the cupboard...

@WineLover1234 thanks for your reply. I think it can be quite confusing after coming off the pill and sometimes take a while for cycles to regulate. Fingers crossed for good news for you!

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emvy Sun 26-Apr-20 22:13:45

I’ve heard these symptoms along with the positive opks meaning pregnancy also! I’d wait a while before testing if it was me just because if you did ovulate when you originally thought it’s still quite early to get get a positive pregnancy test. I’m intrigued though and hopeful for you!

Lily2020 Sun 26-Apr-20 22:53:59

Yes I've seen quite a few stories like that 😁 like @emvy mentioned it may be too early just reading back through your post, I'd wait a couple of days 🤞🏽

cookielove Mon 27-Apr-20 09:28:34

Women can get positive opk's right before af is due for 2 reasons, 1) a lh surge 2) pregnancy

Can you post a photo of the opk?

And frer when you do it?

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