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Ovulation.. can anyone help explain this month?! :)

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Luz192 Sun 26-Apr-20 12:13:58

Hi everyone,

5th cycle of TTC. I was originally expecting to ovulate anywhere between Monday and Wednesday next week. I usually use the Clearblue dual hormone tests, and once I get to high fertility (flashing smiley), start to use the OneStep ones as well to get an accurate idea of Lh surge/ovulation. I usually have 4/5 days of high before I get my peak.

However, on Friday morning, I got some pains which felt like ovulation (hopefully gearing up for ovulation, not actual ovulation, as we hadn't BD by that point so I would be mad if I totally missed it!)...
That evening, my Clearblue ones jumped straight from empty circle the day before, to static smiley (peak fertility), so I was a bit surprised. I guess that means maybe my estrogen and LH surge rose around the same time. I took a OneStep at the same time, which wasn't quite a positive. A few hours later, around 9pm, I took another OneStep which was positive.

So we BD Friday night, thinking I may ovulation yesterday (Saturday) or possibly today (Sunday).

Yesterday (Saturday morning), I was still getting positive OneStep OPK, and we planned to BD Saturday night.

However, just before we BD, I noticed more lotion like CM. Which felt odd, as it had only been about 24 hours since my first OPK. I don't chart temps, so I'm not 100% sure, however in the past, I feel like I've usually ovulation closer to two days after positive OPK.

We did still BD, and used Preseed, but was a bit pointless? Could I have ovulated quite quickly after my first positive OPK and then CM turned hostile immediately? I'm a bit annoyed because if yesterday was already too late, then we only managed to BD Friday night this month.

If anyone has any insight, would really appreciate! Maybe I need to start charting temps - I've tried to avoid so far as I feel it could drive anxiety, but at the same time, it would help to answer Qs like this.

Thank you smile

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