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Was this implantation cramps?

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Shabs101 Sun 26-Apr-20 10:32:00

Hi all, my partner and I have been trying to conceive for a few months now.
I ovulated around 15th April this month and AF is due 30th April. For the past 2 days I had slight nausea, back ache and light cramping on my left side of abdomen.
Yesterday only a TINY bit of pinkish blood came out when I wiped but since then nothing, and no cramping.

Has anybody else had similar symptoms with implantation cramps? And is it too early to take a pregnancy test? I'm scared it might be a BFN! :-(

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Lizziejayne13 Sun 26-Apr-20 10:38:15

I would say give it 2 days before u test x

Shabs101 Sun 26-Apr-20 11:21:28

Hi Lizziejayne13 thank you, I'm going to hide my pregnancy tests (I only have the cheapies) until then, otherwise I will be tempted to test early!

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Lizziejayne13 Sun 26-Apr-20 12:15:30

If im being totally honest i would be tempted to start testing now- i have had a BFP at 10dpo before ...... im only 8 dpo and im struggling not to test already 😂... however with my ds i was 7 days late for AF befire i even got a faint positive so it just shows how different it can be xx

Shabs101 Sun 26-Apr-20 13:01:13

OMG sending you lots of luck, and fingers crossed you get a BFP! We are in the same boat with similar DPO times. I read that there has to be enough HCg to be detected on a test. I still really wish the PG tests could tell us much earlier.

I would feel so crap if it turned out to be a BFN, so trying to save myself the possible early heartache, but at the same time the suspense is killing me!!
I woke up 3 days ago with larger rounder boobs and nips were hard and sticking out. I remember having this symptom last October when I found out I was PG, but ended in a missed miscarriage. Praying xx

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Lizziejayne13 Sun 26-Apr-20 14:09:18

Aww it does sound promising but the body can be cruel ... if a BFN would break your heart then try to hold off as long as you can ... sending you lots of luck ! X

Shabs101 Sun 26-Apr-20 14:48:43

Thank you Lizziejayne13 I will try staying positive for now. Keep me updated on you please? Would be great to hear some good news even if mine is negative!
This year hasn't been a great start what with the current situation and all that, but wouldn't it be AMAZING just to see that BFP?!
Praying for us both xx

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