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TTC after TFMR pregnancy loss

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Kangaroo77 Sat 25-Apr-20 19:05:39


I'm wondering if there is anyone out there thinking of, or actively ttc after termination for medical reasons or miscarriage/2nd trimester loss?

I thought it might be nice to connect with other mums to be who might be feeling excited/anxious to ttc again and give each other support.

I'm on my first cycle post surgical termination at 16 weeks for Trisomy 9. It's my 2nd TFMR in 7 years, my first baby had Trisomy 13 in 2012.

I have 2 healthy girls and a new partner (well of 3 years). He has no biological children (he's 10 years younger than me) but we are very excited to have a child together.

I came off the implant in October and fell pregnant straight away. Everything was fine until 13 weeks when everything went wrong. The baby was very poorly and I had a surgical termination mid March. I bled for 2-3 weeks, ovulated and now I'm having my first bleed. I'd like to try this cycle as mentally I'm ok and physically recovering well. I'm taking COQ10, vitamin D and prenatal gummies. I'm 42 so I'm aware time is not on my side, however I feel hopeful for my rainbow baby. Looking forward to connecting with others. Xx
Thanks for reading.

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Elouera Sat 25-Apr-20 19:14:26

Hi Kangaroo77- are you Aussie by any chance? hmm

I'm so sorry for your losses. We have similar stories in some ways. I've just turned 42, 9yrs TTC and 2 losses, no children yet.
1st pregnancy also had trisomy 13 and we had TFMR at 11 weeks
2nd pregnancy a year later MC at 7 weeks

Another 2yrs TTC and finally started IVF in Feb. Currently almost 8 weeks pregnant. I'm going to have the NIPT again, but do worry it will be a repeat of the 1st pregnancy, or a high risk for something else.

Did you have genetic testing done after your losses? We did and found not to be a translocation, so advised the chance of T13 again were 1:100. Would IVF be an option?

Kate544 Sat 25-Apr-20 19:56:29

Hi @Kangaroo77 - so sorry to hear you have gone through this again. There is a support thread for this exact thing over on the antenatal tests board which you might find helpful. It’s providing me with a lot of hope at the moment xx

Kangaroo77 Mon 27-Apr-20 09:40:06

@Elouera Hey, thanks for sharing. Your journey sounds really challenging but wonderful you are pregnant, I so hope everything works out ❤️.

It's also nice to meet someone else who went through T13. With my first baby, T13 knocked me sideways. It took months to recover from it.

With my last pregnancy (terminated for T9), it wasn't nearly as rough. Don't get me wrong it's still been rubbish, particularly as it's my partners first child, but for me I knew what to expect.

I had testing for both trisomies, both flukes 🙄.

I'm not closed to IVF, but for now I seem to get pregnant fairly easily but I just don't miscarry the unhealthy ones. I'm doing everything I can to boost my eggs and health and I'd like to try 1-2 more times naturally, as I've got two healthy living children. I guess if it doesn't work out that way we'll need to consider a) giving up or b) other methods. Hard to say, I'm not sure my partner would cope with the stress sad xxx

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Kangaroo77 Mon 27-Apr-20 09:40:43

@Kate544 Thanks I found it now. I'm not up to speed on MN yet 🤪

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