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Recording scans

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JEB17 Sat 25-Apr-20 03:46:30

So I have my 12 week scan on thursday and I was wondering if anyone knows about recording? I'm not talking the whole appointment, more just a quick 30 second clip to show my partner after. I know that for most places it is usually a no, so just wondering if its a bit more flexible with whats going on.
Just to add, I am very aware that the main purpose of the scan is to ensure that baby is okay and all is well and I of course wouldn't record before I knew this. Would just love to be able to show my partner the baby moving around if possible. TIA x

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Ginfilledcats Sat 25-Apr-20 03:58:48

No it's not allowed for governance issues. They need to be able to concentrate without a camera recording them, the light will be distracting, and secondly they won't allow it as they miss something or something goes array it could be used against them.
Sorry it's a really shit time to be pregnant! Hopefully by the time your 20 week scan rolls around things may be better!

JEB17 Sat 25-Apr-20 04:11:00

@Ginfilledcats I did think that would be the case, I have seen a few people say that they have been allowed towards the end once all the checks were done. I'll take it as a no and if it turns out I can, then thats a bonus I guess! And yes this is definitely not how I expected my pregnancy to go but fingers crossed things start to look up even slightly soon! Thanks for your help.

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Emmy2020 Sat 25-Apr-20 07:58:45

@JEB17 I was wondering the same. I know it’s not allowed as it says on the door not to film/record but I wondered if in these circumstances when we are not allowed to bring our husband or anyone else with us they may allow it quickly at the end once they’ve done the checks. I’ve got my 20 week scan coming up so I may just ask them. Totally understand if they can’t but they might in these circumstances?

CouscousEvaporator Sat 25-Apr-20 08:00:05

It was allowed at my 12 week scan 🙂
I just had to ask and she was more than happy to let me.

CouscousEvaporator Sat 25-Apr-20 08:01:09

Just to also mention she did the proper scan first, then a quick run through for my DH on camera 🙂

Panda789 Sat 25-Apr-20 09:43:56

@JEB17 I think if you went for a private scan he could join you 😊 but that obviously costs, not sure how much x

Ginfilledcats Sat 25-Apr-20 14:43:33

Think it must vary trust to trust (as all these things do) fingers crossed yours is more lenient than mine! Best of luck

JEB17 Sat 25-Apr-20 15:17:47

@CouscousEvaporator thats so lovely! I hope whoever I have is that nice!!

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JEB17 Sat 25-Apr-20 15:20:42

@Panda789 I did try to book a private scan for a couple days before my normal scan so OH could be there for the first one (we did have an early scan but was only 5 weeks then so baby was a tiny little bean haha), but when I spoke to them they said the same rules apply and he wouldn't be allowed in. However they may be more willing to allow recording! Thank you.

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JEB17 Sat 25-Apr-20 15:23:30

@Emmy2020 yeah that's what I was thinking, I'm hoping if it is just a quick clip to show OH baby moving they will understand. As long as all the checks are out the way I can't see them minding too much. I may just call up before my appointment to check.

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Emmy2020 Sat 25-Apr-20 16:35:57

@JEB17 Hope they let you! Let us know how it goes! Very exciting going for a scan 😊

LalalalalaLlama Sat 25-Apr-20 16:40:07

The 2 trust's I've had maternity care with we weren't allowed to take photos (didn't ask about videos) but that was (I assume) because they charge for print outs and recordings. £5 a photo (although every time they gave me extras) and not sure about the full recording.

JEB17 Sun 26-Apr-20 03:02:14

@LalalalalaLlama thats a shame! I guess everywhere has different policies.

@Emmy2020 thank you, I will let you know 😊

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pablitox098 Sun 26-Apr-20 03:03:33

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Emmy2020 Thu 07-May-20 08:20:02

@JEB17 Hope your scan went well? I had mine yesterday, didn’t record it or anything but they did give me 14 scan photos!! 😁

JEB17 Thu 07-May-20 12:09:24

@Emmy2020 it went super well! Unfortunately I wasn't allowed to record either and they're only giving 1 picture per person due to lack of supply atm which kind of sucks. We are booking in for a private scan in a few weeks and they are giving free videos atm since partners can't be there, always a silver lining! I hope your scan went well also!!

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Emmy2020 Thu 07-May-20 12:31:13

@JEB17 Glad it went well! Did you find out what you’re having? Mine went well, guess I was lucky to get that many scan photos! They said to roll them up so no one else saw how many I got! Haha! Think she got carried away with taking photos! Didn’t have to pay either which was nice.
Found out I’m having a girl!

JEB17 Fri 08-May-20 09:11:13

@Emmy2020 aww congratulations!! How lovely! I haven't found out yet however hoping to find out at the private scan in a couple weeks. I'm secretly hoping for a girl ahah

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Emmy2020 Fri 08-May-20 18:47:42

@JEB17 Thank you 😊 Good luck for private scan bet you can’t wait! X

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