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Vitamins or conception vitamins.

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LAG1986 Thu 23-Apr-20 17:07:44

Has anyone tried taking extra vitamins or tablets to help conceive, and did it work? X

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MummyT13 Thu 23-Apr-20 17:14:42

I tried pregnacare but it messed me up. Messed my cycles up.. I went from 28 days to 32-38 days.

LAG1986 Thu 23-Apr-20 17:15:59

@MummyT13 that's not good. I wont be trying them then. I did look at their reviews and a few said the same thing. Wonder what caused it. X

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BirdieFriendReturns Fri 24-Apr-20 21:44:07

I think it’s the very high level of vitamins? Have a look on the packet. Some people don’t react well to them. I was 5 days late this month and 13 days later I’m bleeding again?! Never happened before. I’m on week 4 of taking Pregnacare.

Going back to Seven Seas now, much lower dosages.

BirdieFriendReturns Fri 24-Apr-20 21:45:44

Be mindful OP that folic acid and vitamin D is advised. Don’t feel like you have to take a full multivitamin.

Ltay2 Fri 24-Apr-20 21:48:27

I am currently taking Folic Acid and VitalDHA. I am taking 1000mg Vitamin C every day too although not really in relation to conception.

LAG1986 Fri 24-Apr-20 23:29:35

Thank you so much everyone. Have started to take folic acid. Hoping this will help support conception. X

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Ltay2 Sat 25-Apr-20 09:09:19

@LAG1986 Good luck! Will this be your first?

YorkshirePud1 Sat 25-Apr-20 09:18:41

As far as vitamins etc are concerned, I only took the usual folic acid and vitamin D.

I did however also take coenzyme q10 as it was recommended on here as something that can help with egg quality/chances of conceiving and I'm in my late 30s so wanted to give myself the best chance. I have no idea if it helped or not but I got pregnant on my second month of trying. Good luck smile

Ltay2 Sat 25-Apr-20 09:20:45

@YorkshirePud1 I have read a lot about COQ10 but I am 29 so wasn't sure if I should be taking it, or more so whether taking it would do more harm than good?

YorkshirePud1 Sat 25-Apr-20 09:27:15

@Ltay2 I did quite a bit of research at the time and I don't think I saw any potential harm in taking it. It's a supplement people take anyway for other things. It's just impossible to know though if it helps or I would have got pregnant anyway and it was a waste of money. If you're only just starting to try and you're only 29, maybe see how it goes?

Slug123 Sat 25-Apr-20 09:35:00

Hi everyone. I'm new to Mumsnet, how long has everyone been TTC? My friend has recommended taking vitamins to me as we're now on cycle 10 with no joy. She's suggested seven seas. I believe they're similar to pregnacare but at a much more reasonable price. I've managed to get some for less than £5. Has anyone tried those?

Ltay2 Sat 25-Apr-20 09:35:47

@YorkshirePud1 Yes I was thinking I might as well just give it a try. What strength do you take personally? I have seen such conflicting views on dosages and the ones for sale vary from 30mg to 300mg.

LAG1986 Sat 25-Apr-20 18:38:02

@Ltay2 it will actually be number 3. Taking longer than my first 2 which I fell with straight away. So trying different things to boost my chances. Xx

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YorkshirePud1 Sun 26-Apr-20 09:15:18

@Ltay2 I just checked and they were 300mg - I bought them from simply supplements. I stopped taking them after I found out I was pregnant.

Ltay2 Sun 26-Apr-20 09:30:11

@YorkshirePud1 that's great thank you, I am definitely going to get some if I don't get BFP this month.

LAG1986 Sun 26-Apr-20 17:44:33

Ladies. I managed to get my partner some vitamin sachets from superdrug today. Reduced from £35 to just £3.50 due to 2 month date remaining. X

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Ltay2 Sun 26-Apr-20 18:36:49

@LAG1986 Amazing saving! What vitamins were they?

LAG1986 Sun 26-Apr-20 19:04:30

Superdrug fertility vitamin sachets. X

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