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Faint lines

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Blackframe0175 Thu 23-Apr-20 09:03:13

Morning everyone smile
I would really love for someone to hold my hand throughout this. (Back story- I had a mmc completed 27th March and bled for a 6 days. Went back to the hospital they confirmed it was complete and 2 weeks ago I tested negative)

I had really strong OV cramps we BD to cover our tracks and now I'm due for my period tomorrow.

I've taken a one step test that showed a faint line! And a clear blue early detector which also showed a faint line too! I'm petrified the lines won't get darker or these are false positives sad

Anyone else in the same situation?!

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Jazzy1990 Thu 23-Apr-20 10:38:09

Positive thoughts! I’m meant to start today aswell. I took a one step test, day before yesterday and that showed two dark lines. I took one yesterday and there was just a faint line, so I’m confused. It’s a waiting game now! Do keep us updated smile

Blackframe0175 Thu 23-Apr-20 10:44:18

Thank you jazzy! It's so hard to stay positive and that I'm really coming up with any other reason that to be pregnant again! Ofcourse I want to be I'm just not gonna believe it until the lines get darker!

Did you test with fmu?

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Jazzy1990 Thu 23-Apr-20 11:37:59

Just tested with one step 3 times no other test just yet. I don’t wanna go out and buy it and then see a negative so trying to hold out till tomorrow lol.

Blackframe0175 Fri 24-Apr-20 08:17:25

That's a good line! 😍 I keep on testing with these and nothing I really coming about it however I had a faint line with a clear blue early detector 🤦🏻‍♀️ I don't have a clue what's going on I'm officially late

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