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2 lines or am I going mad?

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Yrmyfavourite Thu 23-Apr-20 07:36:08

Am I seeing things or is there a second line here? Not 100% sure when AF due as not been regular since having a baby and going on and off the pill. This time last month had sporadic bleeding for a week or so.

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MyOtherProfile Thu 23-Apr-20 07:37:03

Sorry but I can't see 2 lines. Maybe wait a week then try again?

mumof23188 Thu 23-Apr-20 07:40:25

I think I can see what you mean. I can see a tiny hint of a line but not clearly. Maybe try again in a few days?

MsChatterbox Thu 23-Apr-20 07:46:22

I wouldn't trust any lines like this on frers, I don't personally like frers for lines like this. Try again in a few days. Good luck!

peachypetite Thu 23-Apr-20 07:49:24

I can’t see it sorry.

Yrmyfavourite Thu 23-Apr-20 07:51:39

Thank you for your responses. OH thinks I’m mad 😂 I will try again in a few days smile

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AbsolomChautney Thu 23-Apr-20 07:54:02

I see it! Good luck!

Yrmyfavourite Thu 23-Apr-20 07:58:17

These ones are a bit clearer but I still think I have line eyes 😂

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pillowtalkey Thu 23-Apr-20 07:58:31

I see it's briefly on the second photo x

HowFurloughCanYouGo Thu 23-Apr-20 07:59:30

No sorry

Yrmyfavourite Thu 23-Apr-20 08:01:12

Photos didn’t attach!

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lucyrp Thu 23-Apr-20 08:02:08

Hi Everyone, need some help. My little boy is now 5 and me and my partner have been trying to get pregnant. I came off the contraceptive injection in august 2019 and my periods started regulating again at Christmas time. I know this is not a long time to everyone but it honestly feels like forever when I know people have become pregnant after coming off the injection in 2 weeks. I felt there was something different with me so I took a rest. My period was due anytime between 20th-23rd which is obviously today. I took the first clear blue on the 21st and the second on 22nd and I can see fairly faint positive lines on both and I read you take w digital to know for sure so I did but it says not pregnant ? I didn't think you could get fake positives ? HELP I'm in such a mess over this. Still no sign of period.

AbsolomChautney Thu 23-Apr-20 08:03:25

I agree - ever so slightly clearer today. I always used to get stronger FRER in the afternoon.

Don’t want to get your hopes up OP but I think it’s looking good...

lucyrp Thu 23-Apr-20 08:03:32

Sorry @yrmyfavourite didn't mean to steal your post but I'm new on here and didn't know how to comment or post 😂 I know how you're feeling

Waiting1987 Thu 23-Apr-20 08:05:06

I can see a faint grey line, but not can't see any pink.

Hopefully it's just too early good luck.

TickTockBaby Thu 23-Apr-20 08:06:22

I can see something on all of those OP.
Fingers crossed for you.

Pomeranian Thu 23-Apr-20 08:06:23

I see a vvvf line on the second pics.
Were they within the time limit?
As pp have said, wait a couple of days and test again. Fingers crossed

lucyrp Thu 23-Apr-20 08:09:05

Could someone please reply on my thread ☹️can't attach pictures for everyone to see as I've only just joined and I want some opinions. Don't want to get my hopes up

MyOtherProfile Thu 23-Apr-20 08:19:58

Lucy have you started your own thread?

Yrmyfavourite Thu 23-Apr-20 08:23:03

No problem Lucy - good luck!

Thanks everyone else, I will see what the retest in a few days brings!

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TickTockBaby Thu 23-Apr-20 08:25:20

@lucyrp have you started your own thread?

I think on mumsnet its consider a bit bad form to hijack another posters thread.

I think there's also a 24-48 hr (?) stop on posting photos for new members but I may be wrong.

New threads can be made by clicking on the pencil icon at the bottom of your mumsnet home screen. 🙂

lucyrp Thu 23-Apr-20 08:26:04

I have made my own thread but no one seems to have seen it ☹️

lucyrp Thu 23-Apr-20 08:27:21

@yrmyfavourite sorry to hijack! I think you're in the same situation as me and need to wait w few days before doing another test which is easier said than done!

TickTockBaby Thu 23-Apr-20 08:28:21

Think you've had a couple of replies that I can see now on your own thread, Good luck to you. 🙂

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