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Fertile cervical mucus? Talk to me!

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Missgoldilocks Wed 22-Apr-20 18:25:19

Hey lovely ladies

Soo my question is about ewcm! When I was in my early 20s I got huuuuge amounts of it and I also fell pregnant super easy. Since Ttc (the last 9 months) I've seen barely any! I've tried the cough medicine spoke about in taking charge of your fertility, loads of evening primrose oil and loads of water but nothing! Why has it stopped? When I check my cervix I get one day of just wet mucus not the egg white kind. Why would it change? I'm now 5 years older but healthier than I've ever been...

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pottypotamus Wed 22-Apr-20 18:32:30

It's production could be controlled by hormones which change as we get older maybe.
I've found it too. We opted to use Preseed to make things errr wetter blush it's worked for us.

MummyT13 Wed 22-Apr-20 18:36:34

Preseed is made for this problem. Try it but be careful of the slip and slide 😂😂

DDIJ Wed 22-Apr-20 18:39:36

I had a decline in EWCM and I increased it with supermarket's own brand equivalent of Robitussin.

DDIJ Wed 22-Apr-20 18:50:52

Guaifenesin was the word I was looking for.

ivfgottostaypositive Wed 22-Apr-20 19:12:24

EWCM is caused by estrogen levels some months I get kids some months not - depends on how hydrated I am usually

ivfgottostaypositive Wed 22-Apr-20 19:12:42

Not kids sorry *loads 🤣

Missgoldilocks Wed 22-Apr-20 19:23:55

Haha thanks @ivfgottostaypositive I drink tons of water so I don't think it's that

@DDIJ I tried the robuttisin and it did nothing! 😩

@MummyT13 we use this 😁 but I don't think it can "escort" the sperm how ewcm can 😂

@pottypotamus thanks I do use preseeed but just curious as to why the change and whether it may be causing issues, we've been off contraception for 12 months but properly tracking 9 months.

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lionsmum Wed 22-Apr-20 19:36:24

@Missgoldilocks I started taking high strength omega-3tavelets and noticed a huge difference in my EWCM, I'm not sure if there's anything out there that would suggest the two are related but I hadn't added anything extra into my diet at the timesmile hood luck!

lionsmum Wed 22-Apr-20 19:37:14

Sorry that's supposed to say tablets and also good luck!

MoonlightMistletoe Wed 22-Apr-20 19:40:55

Hormone levels change as we get older.

Bleepers Wed 22-Apr-20 19:49:45

You get less as you get older (I certainly did). Don't worry though, I was absolutely obsessed by my CM and convinced that I'd never fall pregnant because it was never stretchy. I actually fell pregnant in 6 weeks so lots of pointless worrying and googling. Wet might be the best you get but that was good enough for me.

Missgoldilocks Wed 22-Apr-20 19:50:48

@lionsmum thank you! I will get some smile

@Bleepers that makes me feel better so thank you!

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Bleepers Thu 23-Apr-20 08:11:31

I would also add that I stopped checking and just went on OPKs and temping. I can't remember where but I read from somewhere reputable that if you're ovulating, you're almost certainly creating sufficient CM x

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