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Rebs1994 Mon 20-Apr-20 16:03:05

Hi all,
I am 4DPO and today and yesterday I've had very strange CM, it's watery but with white clumps that are very stringy. Does anyone know what this means? I've never had this type of CM before. Been ttc DC3 for 18 months now. Thanks in advance!

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Rebs1994 Mon 20-Apr-20 21:29:23

Bump smile

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LAG1986 Mon 20-Apr-20 22:02:37

Hi Rebs1994, I am also trying for baby number 3. Only been trying 2 months properly. Was much easier with my other 2. I had tummy cramp yesterday, 4 dpo. Have you ever had this? Wondering if it's a sign of anything positive. With both my other pregnancies I had no symptoms before missed period. Hopefully you get your bfp soon!

Rebs1994 Mon 20-Apr-20 22:19:45

Hey @LAG1986 I also had random tummy cramps yesterday! With both my other pregnancies we conceived on the first try so I'm not used to ttc! It's been 18 months now since coming off the depo and been symptom spotting ever since! 🤞🏻 it's our month!

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Rebs1994 Mon 20-Apr-20 22:24:33

Has anyone also had any strange cm in the tww? I've never had this type of CM before and hoping it's a good sign!

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LAG1986 Mon 20-Apr-20 22:27:28

I really hope so @Rebs1994. I fell pregnant with dd1 without even trying or planning to, ds2 straight away. Now in new relationship and we'd like to have a joint number 3. Didnt even think it might be harder than I thought. Been dtd when ovulation is due. Hopefully we will get our positives this month. grin

Rebs1994 Mon 20-Apr-20 22:57:13

@LAG1986 exactly the same with us! We fell pregnant with our first and didn't realise until we were 8 weeks along, then decided to have another 6 months after DS was born, 2 weeks later I took a test and it was positive!

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LAG1986 Wed 22-Apr-20 10:49:28

@Rebs1994 how are your symptoms now? I still keep getting the odd cramp, then they go. Not due on till end of the month so still wondering. X

Rebs1994 Wed 22-Apr-20 10:58:29

@LAG1986 I haven't had any twinges or anything yet since a couple of days ago. My Cm has gone lotiony now and I'm reading mixed comments about that on other threads! 🤞🏻for us! Keep me updated, it's nice talking to someone at a similar time in the tww!

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LAG1986 Wed 22-Apr-20 13:56:20

Yes definetly. And same trying for number 3. It's so frustrating because everyone around me seems to be having babies but me. Xx

LAG1986 Thu 23-Apr-20 16:43:48

@Rebs1994 how are things going. How long do you have left to find out? Mines next thursday. Time goes soooooo slow! Haha. Hope you're keeping well xx

Rebs1994 Thu 23-Apr-20 18:17:52

@LAG1986 I'm not sure how long I have left of the tww as my cycles have varied from 30 - 36 days every month since coming off the depo! One app says next Wednesday and the other says Sunday, either way I'm dying to test! We've said we aren't going to test now until AF is late but I've stocked up for both scenarios haha! I think our 2DC are keeping DH occupied enough but I just can't wait to test! Things definitely feel different this month 🤷‍♀️

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LAG1986 Thu 23-Apr-20 18:27:07

I'm so excited for you. Sending lots of luck to you. Will you do an early response test, or wait? Im just going to wait. Might wait till day before af is due. Haha. And hope I get something. I dont know why I do this to myself.

Rebs1994 Thu 23-Apr-20 18:34:44

@LAG1986 I'm going to wait, it will still be a FRER but will hopefully show an answer either way by then! I'm excited for both of us too! Just need the will power to wait to wait till next week, haha!

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Rebs1994 Thu 23-Apr-20 18:35:24

@LAG1986 🤞🏻 for both of us that this is our month!

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LAG1986 Thu 23-Apr-20 20:19:19

@Rebs1994 what is frer? I keep reading this, and dont have a clue. Haha. But think I want one.

Rebs1994 Thu 23-Apr-20 22:23:43

@LAG1986 First Response Early Result, basically the best test to detect early pregnancy!

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Rebs1994 Sat 25-Apr-20 16:42:09

@LAG1986 how are you getting on? I'm getting quite irritable, but that's how I've always been in the lead up to AF so worried that I'm out. Also so tired, I haven't got any energy to do anything! Hoping that's a sign, but realise it's probably just looking after two toddlers all day! 😂

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MrsBlue1986 Sat 25-Apr-20 18:13:05

@Rebs1994 Hey!! Im in the exaxt same situation as you. 6DPO today.

Last few days ive had the following...

0-3 DPO no symptoms
4 DPO cramps and unusual white CM. Looks like wet tissue paper and lotion. Not loads but a little bit on underwear
5 DPO and 6DPO same with CM. Constantly wet and slightly white inside. however today i feel nauseous and a headache and woke up in the night with a hot temperature.

Not sure if this is the same? X

LAG1986 Sat 25-Apr-20 18:24:57

@Rebs1994 I havent really been sleeping. Not sure if it's because I'm anxious about getting pregnant or symptom. I have white creamy cm, not sure if that's a sign. My cervix also feels quite soft. X

Rebs1994 Sun 26-Apr-20 07:44:07

@MrsBlue1986 hello! Yours seems the same as mine in terms of CM so 🤞🏻 for us!

I've just been constantly tired, even after sleeping a full 8 hours, I wake up exhausted! I am not even sure if that can be a symptom this early as I believe I'm only around 10-11dpo, more likely just wishful thinking.

Keep us updated. When will you test?

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Ltay2 Sun 26-Apr-20 08:16:04

Hi Ladies, I am 3DPO now. Only on first cycle of really tracking so still getting used to CM patterns but I did have a sort of 'lotiony' CM in underwear yesterday, white and 'creamy' when internally checked. Not yet checked today.

I've not had any pains or cramps that I can note but will see how I get on.

MrsBlue1986 Sun 26-Apr-20 08:54:45

@Rebs1994 hey.. tbf i have been testing every day since 2 days ago!° grin i have no idea why, im just super impatient haha. I bought some really cheap ones online. Im also constsntly tired, but i was blaming that on the fact the whole nation is because of what's going on!! Haha.

When are you testing? If your 10/11 DPO i definitely would be testing....?

Is your CM still white/wet? I dont have as much of it today so i dont know how accurate that is xx

Rebs1994 Sun 26-Apr-20 14:50:40

I wasn't going to test until AF is due but I caved... didn't waste my FRER but used a cheapie and it's negative. Feeling a little disheartened but it's still early days! 🤞🏻

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LAG1986 Sun 26-Apr-20 15:55:19

@Rebs1994 I did the same this morning. Negative. Dont know why I thought it would show. Not due af till thursday. Haha. I did go buy 2 early test though, so will try in morning. Fingers crossed xx

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