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Any buddies trying SMEP for the first time this cycle?

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HopeWish Mon 20-Apr-20 14:19:38

Hello all!

I am 26, and trying for my first baby. I'm currently on CD4 of Cycle 3. After two cycles of only DTD a few times in fertile window and no result, DH and I are going to give the Sperm Meets Egg Plan a go this cycle.

For those who don't know, the plan goes like this:

-> From CD 8 DTD every other day until a positive OPK.

-> Start testing with OPKs daily from CD 10 (but I will be using earlier as O'd on CD11 last month!)

-> From positive OPK DTD on the day of the + OPK and two days after, then miss a day and DTD again the next day.

We will also be using pre-seed for the first time this month.

Is there anybody else who is doing SMEP this month? Or anybody who has tried it before successfully or unsuccessfully?

After the disappointment of AF arriving early, I'm excited to start a new cycle.

LottieX Mon 20-Apr-20 18:30:09

I'll be trying the SMEP method this month for cycle 4! I'm on CD2 currently and have got all the dates planned out in my calendar already! I've just ordered my OPKs for this month and they should arrive Friday, fingers crossed.

Where did you buy your preseed from as I'm looking to try that as well this month?

GiraffeInScarf Mon 20-Apr-20 19:11:22

I’m also CD 2 of cycle 4... didn’t officially follow SMEP last month but looking back we weren’t far off the plan by chance. Looking at doing it properly this time, we’ve also stocked up on Pre Seed (Amazon had it on next day delivery).
I’m 36 and TTC no1, we expected it would take time but since we started I think it’s harder not to feel impatient. Nice to meet some cycle buddies to talk to!

HopeWish Tue 21-Apr-20 13:36:07

CD5 and AF is finally on her way out so I'm in a good mood!

@LottieX I got my Pre-seed from Amazon last month but didn't use it last cycle as I didn't want to go FULL FORCE TTC on my hubby when we were so near the beginning of our TTC journey. After a couple of months of disappointment though I think he is starting to come around to the idea that we may have to try a bit more, hence trying SMEP.

We haven't DTD so much in such a short space of time since our honeymoon and I am worried it's going to become a bit mechanical feeling so I've ordered some nice lingerie and going to try make it a bit more special for us rather than just TTC sex.

cherrychatter Tue 21-Apr-20 16:09:43

Hi ladies,
I just posted a similar thread on this but hadn't noticed yours. Can I join you? I'm a little behind as AF is due in 2 days (& is definitely on her way) but planning on doing SMEP next cycle.
I'm 33, we're trying for baby no1 and we're just about to go into cycle 8.
What OPK's are you using? I've been using the clearblue advanced fertility monitor and have preseed ready after forgetting i'd bought it this cycle!

LottieX Tue 21-Apr-20 17:33:49

@HopeWish I have now just ordered my preseed (I avoided amazon as I steal my brother prime account and it may have looked slightly weird), hoping it'll arrive by Friday!

I just downloaded Flo and it's come up with completely different dates than the first app I was using. Still going on the smep calendar though!

@cherrychatter Yay good to have someone else on board! I've just ordered some cheapie OPKs this month as I used the clear blue ones before and managed to start tracking too late (CD12) and completely missed my peak so it felt like a bit of a waste for so much money!

@GiraffeInScarf will be exciting to see how we both track this cycle!

When I mentioned about trying SMEP to my OH and he was like SMEPwhat? It's been fun trying to teach him!

cherrychatter Tue 21-Apr-20 20:15:47

@LottieX tell me about it! My OH had no idea what SMEP was, for now he seems pretty happy with the concept, I can have quite long cycles so we'll see what he says as time goes on! Yeh, the clearblue ones are quite expensive but the monitor just takes the guesswork out of it! Fingers crossed for us all!

HopeWish Tue 21-Apr-20 22:21:36

I use wondfo cheapy OPKs. Work well for me and I've become an expert at reading them now!

Wish AF would properly finish... just feel like I want to get started!!

Good luck to all of us this cycle!

Maise24 Wed 22-Apr-20 06:46:39

Hi ladies! Hope you dont mind if I join you? We are TTC baby number 1, this is our 10th cycle since I had my copper coil removed although we havent been actively 'trying' for about 5 months of that. However now.... I am 30 on Friday and absolutely desperate for a baby... the past few months have been so horrible seeing BFN after BFN. I have been taking pregnacare and using preseed this cycle (AF due on Saturday, desperately trying not to symptom spot... had a really promising looking chart which has now dropped down today on DPO 11). I was convinced something was wrong after I had my coil removed as my periods went so light, but after hormone tests and a scan everything appears to be in order. I'm so scared that we are approaching the 12 month mark.

I am thinking if we dont conceive this cycle then going to try SMEP next month! I'd love to hear how you are all getting on??

cherrychatter Wed 22-Apr-20 09:59:21

Hi @Maise24,

Firstly fingers crossed for your BFP, that’d be such a lovely birthday present for you!
AF was due tomorrow but kindly made an appearance this morning. Feeling okay about it as I was pretty sure we were out this month. I have really light, short periods and cycles can be a little irregular. Keep us updated on how you get on!

@HopeWish I’m terrible at reading OPK’s but may try it alongside the CBFM this month as a back up. Now to find some on amazon prime!!

Does everyone record their temperatures as well?

GiraffeInScarf Thu 23-Apr-20 08:13:38

Morning all smile how’s everyone feeling?

CD 5 and AF is away... still not convinced they’re normal as I only get 2 proper days then a couple of spotting days. But I’ve been on the pill forever so no idea what normal is supposed to be anymore!

Fingers crossed for you @Maise24, how did you find pre-seed? Not sure whether to go full dispenser (seems a bit clinical!) use from the tube confused. @HopeWish sounds a great idea, some nice new underwear and keep it special. You’ve given me the perfect excuse for a treat I think grin

We started with cheap OPK’s but I found them more difficult to read, FMU definitely isn’t the best for them but during the day mine changed so much. Had a huge pack tho so still use them alongside the Clearblue monitor on the peak days to try and narrow it down. Started temping last month after a panic that maybe I’m just making hormones but not laying an egg! So now I’d say I’m officially obsessed and tracking everything blush DP doesn’t mind tho, he’s just as into it all as me forever asking what it all means!

Fingers crossed for all of us, it’s given me a big boost already this cycle to join here and not feel alone smile

HopeWish Thu 23-Apr-20 10:18:02


So couldn't wait for CD 8 - got an early start and DTD today (CD7).

Last cycle I O'd early and didn't have a chance to DTD before +OPK so this cycle I am going to try and DTD every other day from today. Hopefully I don't O really late now this cycle as not sure if I would be able to keep this up and then do 3 in a row haha.

How is everyone else doing?

LottieX Thu 23-Apr-20 11:41:23

@GiraffeInScarf I got my pre-seed this morning and I'm going full 2-3G applicator style! No harm in trying right!

And I also stopped the pill at roughly the same time and have the exact same types of periods as well, they certainly are much better than when I went on the pill.

@hopewish you're a few days ahead of me so I'm excited to track your progress! I have a feeling I ovulate early in my cycle so hopefully get to track in the next couple of days!

In general I'm feeling quite positive about this cycle, got lots of stuff prepared now grin

HopeWish Thu 23-Apr-20 11:54:04

So literally just had a message from my cousin with a picture of his wife's scan as a 'look we're pregnant again' thing. No message or anything, just the picture...

Whilst I am of course thrilled for them (they had baby no.1 last June but had to have a lot of fertility treatment, which I assume they have had again now), I now understand that completely bitter feeling of jealousy at not being pregnant yet when people around you seem to be falling! And I feel like such a bad person for feeling this way!

At the same time if I did get PG this cycle as it would be great to have a buddy to compare notes with...

cherrychatter Thu 23-Apr-20 12:40:55

It's really difficult isn't it @HopeWish, my friends just announced her pregnancy and like you I'm thrilled for her but I just sometimes feel like it's everyone but me! You've got an early start though so fingers crossed and hopefully you don't O really late! My cycles can be up to 38 days so could be interesting!

@GiraffeInScarf similar AF here, only around 2 days of actual bleeding and not a lot either side, can't remember what my periods were like before the pill as it was about 17 years that makes me feel super old.

I was looking at thermometers but some of them got such terrible reviews I didn't bother.

How are you ladies planning on using preseed? Every second day or just the three days in a row at O? It does sound a bit clinical doesn't it...but if it helps it helps!!

Donnat89 Thu 23-Apr-20 14:25:21

Hi all ,

I hope it's ok for me to join

I'm 31 and been TTC for a year now after a
MC at 14 weeks last Year .

I have 2 children from a previous relationship but this will be my partners 1st

Both heathy etc so no reason found as to why we are TTC , I have ordered a femometer kit for this month and we will try the SMEP plan

My last few cycles have been all over the place so I'm hoping by tracking and using SMEP We will increase about chances this cycle

I'm On CD1 today so I have some tome before the trying starts but wishing everyone luck . Xx

1izzie Thu 23-Apr-20 20:58:45

Hello! Hope it's okay for me to join.

I'm 25 ttc #1 and this is our first month of properly trying smile we've been doing the SMEP and have been DTD every other day since CD7, I've been using OPKS as well but not even a faint line yet, I know it's early but just getting anxious!

HopeWish Thu 23-Apr-20 21:07:07

Welcome @Donnat89 and @1izzie

@1izzie how many dpo are you? Fingers crossed for you!

cherrychatter Thu 23-Apr-20 21:21:34

Hi @Donnat89 & @1izzie!

@Donnat89 really sorry for your loss.

Fingers crossed we all get our BFP shortly!

1izzie Thu 23-Apr-20 22:06:10

@HopeWish I haven't ovulated yet sad so still DTD every other day just in case! Thank you, you too!

GiraffeInScarf Fri 24-Apr-20 08:28:05

Morning smile

Loads to catch up on! Hi to @Donnat89 and @1izzie, lovely to meet you both. Sorry for your loss Donna, I hope we’ll have a lucky thread here for you and all of us. What CD are you on now 1izzie? Have you tracked cycles previously?

@HopeWish I know what you mean and feel the same - I’ve got one colleague just gone on maternity and another just announced their happy news too. It’s not that I’m not happy for them, it just highlights it even more that we’re not there yet... and that’s not something any of us need reminding of!

@cherrychatter similar time for me on the pill! I suppose without it the changes might have been gradual, but I don’t know if I’m still getting normal back or if this is it. I’m regular as can be tho, 3 months of exactly 30 days and always been CD 14 for ovulation. And google says a 2 day period is totally fine... not much I can do about that so will stick to the things I can make a difference on grin I think we’ll try preseed on day 8 just to see what it’s like and decide from there. Definitely on CD 12, 13 and 14 assuming I get the same cycle again...

I’ve been using femometer for temping, the thermometer sends the readings straight to the app and draws me a chart and saves me making a mess of it! It also reads the cheapy OPK’s so I’ve found it a good way of ‘letting go’ a bit and letting my body just do what it does, the app can interpret it all and it is what it is.

How does everyone find this part of the cycle? For me it’s the bit where I’m most hopeful/least stressed and it flies by compared with the 2 weeks after. I’m pretty sure that a sunny morning is helping me feel good too, I hope you all have the same smile

1izzie Fri 24-Apr-20 12:05:38

@GiraffeInScarf morning! I'm on CD13 so I know it's still early days yet but hoping it comes soon! Never tracked before so this is all new to me!

Donnat89 Fri 24-Apr-20 12:52:25

CD 2 here and OPKS have arrived , so
I'm ready to go now !

Going to follow plan to the T And see what happens ! Gonna relax as much as
Possible Next few days AF should be over by Sunday so a few self care days before we start back to TTC

Good luck everyone I hope to see
Some BFPS soon x

HopeWish Fri 24-Apr-20 20:02:23

I agree @GiraffeInScarf this is definitely the part of the cycle when I am most relaxed and optimistic about it.

The TWW is awful with the constant yoyo of emotions from positive to negative.

Going to try and DTD again tonight, going to try pre seed this time!

BabyDust7 Sat 25-Apr-20 04:43:53

Hello Ladies,

I hope you don't mind if I join you.
This is our first month trying SMEP and it's exhausting 😂
Currently on my TWW (CD21)
Have been trying to convince for a long time and went to a fertility clinic but after a year of check ups etc they confirmed that we are both healthy and shouldn't be any issues with getting pregnant, but it's still not happening so I'm starting to loose hope.

Good luck to you all🙏

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