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Best fertility/period tracker app?

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Bertie97 Sun 19-Apr-20 21:31:24

Hi everyone, I'm trying to find the best fertility/period tracker app that is most accurate, I'm currently using 3 different ones and they are all showing completely different predictions, any recommendations?

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Hoping1 Sun 19-Apr-20 23:16:45

Hi @Bertie97 this one here I have used for years . Then other day bought a cb fertility monitor when app says ovulating so does cb monitor its been spot

Nat4392 Sun 19-Apr-20 23:27:10

I use quite a few, however femometer and Flo are my favourites. Both for different reasons, Femometer is more accurate but I prefer some features of flo

Cherrychops100 Sun 19-Apr-20 23:28:16

I used to use clue, it's very easy and simple to use x

SarahTTCx Mon 20-Apr-20 00:36:55

@Bertie97 I used to use 2, Flo and Ovulation Calculator. They never managed to sync up properly with each other, but even though i'd used Flo way longer, Ovulation Calculator was waaaay more accurate! I've now scrapped off Flo and only use Ovulation Calculator and I find it very reliable. You can input a lot of data on a daily basis which helps the app be more accurate and you also get prompts and information which are really helpful!

thesnackbitch Mon 20-Apr-20 01:03:48

Ovia is great. Highly recommend.

KRK05 Mon 20-Apr-20 02:02:22

I use Flo, Ovia & Glow. I like flo though it's pretty simple to use. I dont use any ovulation tests & this is only my first month TTC so I cant comment on how well they match up to my actual ovulation dates. But we're just DTD every 2/3 days & hoping for the best 😜

Ashworth90 Mon 20-Apr-20 06:25:40

I have been using fermometer and Ovulation Calculator with Feetility Friend to input my BBT. Took a couple of cycles but they are pretty much all accurate now. I think temping has helped make it more accurate for me.

bulliedintonamechange Mon 20-Apr-20 06:44:21

I think they're all bad (unless you have perfect cycles which are the same each month) and actually hindered me getting pregnant. If you can just try with nothing then the SMEP is brilliant, worked first time for me after over a year trying. Look it up :-)

whymewhyme Mon 20-Apr-20 06:48:55

I use clue, vedy accurate

Bertie97 Mon 20-Apr-20 11:14:07

thanks everyone! I currently use Clue, Flo, Eve and Ovia, I find Clue can be tricky when trying to view your data, for instance, It doesn't show me how many days late I am on my period etc. Flo, Eve and Ovia showing 7/8 days late at the moment! Will try femometer too and just see how I get on and which I prefer overall x

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