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Long/ irregular cycles

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Pawsin Tue 21-Apr-20 15:25:29

@restingbface yes I get how you feel as I said the same to my partner! The doctor said I have raised testosterone levels but couldn't say why 🙈 so that's caused me even more confusion!

I've been off contraception since last feb, but only really began trying 6 months ago. The last 2 months I have ovulated, which has been reassuring as I was concerned I wasn't ovulating at all. It's all consuming doing the ovulation sticks as you have to do one every day at the same time, and found that I was becoming obsessed, so have stopped for the time being. I've heard several stories of women with irregular cycles having no problem conceiving (including my mum) so I'm keeping my fingers crossed. It's frustrating having to wait so long for the next cycle & next opportunity to start again though!

november90 Sun 19-Apr-20 20:42:26

I have suspected PCOS but no formal diagnosis. My cycles would be so irregular, even over 40 days most months. The month I conceived I heard about the natural supplement called soy insoflates which help regulate cycles! I had them ready in my cupboard but fell pregnant that month! It might be worth looking into to help smile

RandomMess Sun 19-Apr-20 20:09:21

Mine were like this but never had any problem conceiving 🤷🏽‍♀️

restingbface Sun 19-Apr-20 20:02:53

Yes I’m exactly the same! Kind of hoped to get diagnosed with PCOS so I had an answer. We’ve only been trying since February so I haven’t tried ovulation sticks yet and I’m really confused as to how they work, I think we’ll keep trying as we are for around 6 months then maybe look into ovulation sticks. Have you found you are ovulating regularly?

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Pawsin Sun 19-Apr-20 19:39:17

Hello smile I'm in the same boat! My cycles tend to last between 44-54 days, although my last one was 81 days! I also was tested negative for PCOS. Which I suppose was a relief in a way, but it's left me feeling a bit defeated, not sure what's going on or how to fix it confused have you tried using ovulation sticks to see if you are ovulating? I've started the last couple of cycles. I figure at the least it will help giving the doctor that info when going back!

restingbface Sun 19-Apr-20 17:08:09

Hi I have horrendously long cycles (anywhere from 39 days up to 53 days although one time I did go 73 days) been to the doctors and they tested for PCOS and checked thyroid and both came back fine. Doctors said to DTD at least twice a week for a year before going back for any help. Basically wondering if anyone else is in the same boat or if anyone else has managed to conceive with longer cycles? xx

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