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Pregnant on the pill?HELP.

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ThePrettyOneX Sun 19-Apr-20 18:34:16

@Beau20 sorry!!! I mean she can still be pregnant and people do get pregnant on contraception. The test can be inacurate or taken too early. If she does another test in 7 days and its still negative then yeah shes not prego then 😁

Beau20 Sun 19-Apr-20 18:28:08

@ThePrettyOneX PS. She said she took a test. So probably not pregnant and that is the only reason why I said unlikely.


Beau20 Sun 19-Apr-20 18:26:59

@ThePrettyOneX I actually have no idea what you are trying to have a go at or getting at? 😂 why must I know loads of people??

My best friend fell pregnant in the injection. 2 of my friends fell pregnant on the pill - one missed pills all the time and the other never missed any but often took them a few hours difference each day. I never fell pregnant in the pill and took it for a LONG time, regularly missing one and I always took it at different times (not that I am saying that is a good thing)

Thisisitisit Sun 19-Apr-20 17:52:54

I became pregnant on microgynon, I had been on it for years, and know that I took it at the same time everyday (I had an alarm on my phone, not that I needed it as it was just part of my routine and I always remembered, but just in case). I also wasn't sick and didn't have diarrhea for over a month either side of when it happened. People always say to me I couldn't have, I must have planned it, and that there's no way. But yes it can happen, it's just very unlikely unless it's not being taken properly.

Elouera Sun 19-Apr-20 17:52:05

Have you had any episodes of diarrhoea or vomiting? Any antibiotics or St Johns wort? These can all affect the absorption of the pill. If not, and you have taken it without missing them, its very unlikely.

ThePrettyOneX Sun 19-Apr-20 17:48:40

*2 women out of a 100

ThePrettyOneX Sun 19-Apr-20 17:47:47

@Beau20 you must not know a lot of people then. Contraception is only 98% effective meaning 2 women will fall pregnant in a year following IDEAL usage of a contraception. If women are missing pills or taking them different tims then protection falls to 80% !!! My best friend got pregnant while on contraceptive implant - so contraception does fail and its nothing to do with women forgetting the pill.

Beau20 Sun 19-Apr-20 17:35:41

Hi lovely, if you had a negative pregnancy test, it's most likely you aren't pregnant. Also, there are no such things as ovulation days when you are on the pill, you wouldn't ovulate on day 14 for example. Sometimes our bodies change/react different to contraception. I had the implant for 4 years for example, no periods everything normal for 4 years. Then I started spotting every 2 weeks, my acne changed. It's perfectly normal for your body to change, it's unlikely you'll have exactly the same symptoms/cycles for the entire time you take the pill as your hormones are forever changing.

The only time I know people who have got pregnant on the pill are the ones that missed more than one or consistently take at the wrong time. I was on the pill for 8 years, never ever took it at the same time, often missed one and never got pregnant. It also took me 3 months after stopping to fall pregnant. So although it's not 100% impossible, it's very unlikely

Oscarthegrouch47 Sun 19-Apr-20 17:31:55

If you've taken it properly it's very unlikely you're pregnant. Of course it can happen but i would explore other possibilities before jumping to this conclusion.

BigBlueEyes19 Sun 19-Apr-20 17:26:26

Microgynon. My favorit word. I was on it (took pills religiously - had multiple reminder apps etc) never missed a pill and got pregnant after 2 years of taking it. My little "cant get pregnant on a pill" will be 3 years old this week.

SmileyT Sun 19-Apr-20 17:18:14

Hi hun, if you are on the pill you won't ovulate, so where have you got the ovulation date from? The reason you take it is to stop your ovaries releasing egg and it also stops the lining of your womb thickening to allow for implantation. Having said that no contraception is 100% effective but most people find it takes months for their cycle to return so I generally wouldn't be worried about taking one pill late. If you have taken a test and it's negative, I'd just carry on taking your pill and test again in 2 weeks, if thats negative then you probably don't have anything to worry about 😊

ak212001 Sun 19-Apr-20 03:20:01

I’m 18 and been on microgynon 30 for about 3 years. Take it every day, including this month and i haven’t missed a single dose or had it late. I had one pill late last month on the sunday (last day of the pack) and started my period the day after (the monday). Which is odd because i religiously come on my period on the wednesday after my pack finishes. However i had a normal period, started taking my pill normally again the next monday. I’ve had almost 3 weeks of perfect use on this set which brings us to now.
So, tomorrow is my last pill of this pack before my break.
But -
The past week, i’ve had very light, brown spotting which is on and off. I haven’t needed a pad it’s generally just a bit when i wipe. I’ve never experienced so called breakthrough bleeding on the pill so i highly doubt its that. It seems to be matching with the signs of implantation bleeding. I’ve also had headaches, heartburn (to the point where i was sick yesterday through reflux), very gassy and bloated, unusual bathroom trips (not pooing then pooing loads, peeing a lot) sorry if TMI. I’ve had a few short on and off breast aches but nothing major. I just feel ‘off’ and this has never happened before.
I had sex on what would be my ‘ovulation days’ if i was not on the pill.
So my question is, could i be pregnant? Even though i’ve taken my pill perfectly? I thought the pill was supposed to stop ovulation so surely it’s impossible?
I took a pregnancy test earlier today (clearblue) which is a couple of days before expected period, which showed negative, however i held it in my urine for 20 seconds when it should have been 5, i don’t know if this makes a difference. It was supposed to be an early detection one, too.
Does anyone have any info or help? Also, if i am pregnant, will i still have my withdrawal bleed from the pill in a couple of days? I’ve read mixed views on this.
I’ve ordered a couple more tests to take in a few days if i don’t get my period.
I’m sorry this is long i’m just going out of my mind waiting. Thankyou in advance!

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