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Is it safe to take Angus castus?

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Faskal Sat 18-Apr-20 23:28:22

Hey Ladies,

Wondering if anyone can help me.

I've had a miscarriage in January and ever since, I've been looking to conceive. I've always had regular cycle 25/26 days cycle.

I've been taking primrose oil, pineapple, Brazil nuts but no luck.

Someone advised I should try taking Angus castus which is also known as Vitex.

What are your views on Angus castus?

Many Thanks

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calimommy Sun 19-Apr-20 04:01:42

I've taken it twice and conceived both times. The first time I had months and months of spotting after I stopped bf my second child, I took it to help regulate my cycles and got pregnant by accident at a point in the month when I really shouldn't have gotten pregnant. Happy news though. The second time I used it was to conceive this pregnancy. I had 4 months of multiple OPK peaks. I took AC to help regulate my cycle, then had a month of only 1 OPK peak and was pregnant that month. I can't say for sure if these were coincidental or not but the bottom line for me was that it is not expensive and it's not harmful so it was worth a shot.

whistler2020 Sun 19-Apr-20 10:12:44

I had been ttc for 3 months with irregular periods, some were around 50 days and I never had a peak Opk. The 4th month I took Agnus castus from the first day of af until the day I think I ovulated (didn’t do opk’s that month, they stressed me out more than anything) and found out I was pregnant 2 weeks later! I don’t think you are supposed to continue taking them after ovulation though!

Faskal Sun 19-Apr-20 10:24:58

Thanks ladies!

My cycle is regular, would you say it's safe to take it?

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whistler2020 Sun 19-Apr-20 11:41:37

I don't see why not! It helps to balance hormones and apparently helps with ewcm. It will affect everyone differently but I can obviously only speak from my own experience 😊

Cynara Sun 19-Apr-20 11:45:48

I can't prove it, but I've always credited Agnus Castus with the conception of DS after years of irregular cycles. As far as I know it's perfectly safe to take with regular cycles - from memory, I think it encourages/supports ovulation too.

NoCallerID Sun 19-Apr-20 12:27:04

What makes you think it's not safe to take?
If you follow the TTC rule of taking it only up to ovulation then you'll be safe.

(Worked wonderfully for me and several other people I know)

Faskal Sun 19-Apr-20 19:39:11

Thanks ladies!

I'll surely give it a go!
Feeling positive 😁

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