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Positive test....

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emma4282 Sat 18-Apr-20 13:37:17

Hi all,

Just looking for some advice really - how long was it before you recieved your BFP? I know some people can get a positive around 8/9dpo and some don't until 12/13dpo.... we've been trying for 4 months now (not long at all I know) and the last month we didn't track anything and just 'let it be', I know I'm due on any day, and done a test this morning and it was negative - I'm usually around 25-27 day cycle and I'm on day CD26 Currently - I know roughly when I ovulated but because I didn't write it or track it anywhere I don't really know how many DPO I am....

Hoping for a positive in the next day or so, don't feel too different except a bit dizzy, hungry & had cramping in left ovary for the past 36-48 hours....

Any comments? Thank you! 😊

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GeeHO98 Sat 18-Apr-20 14:13:48

I didn't track my ovulation or anything either this month felt fed up trying to be disappointed when af arrived every month (been ttc for 5 months).

Funnily enough I got my bfp this month. I had my last period on the 17th of March only did the deed once on the 1st April which according to the flo app was a whole day after my predicted ovulation day and found out I'm pregnant 2 days ago. It was weird I didn't know if I was ovulating but the in the day before I had a strong period like cramp that I'd never had when ovulating before but thought maybe it was a sign and it obviously was as I'm now pregnant. I'd definitely recommend the relaxed approach I've felt much better for it and I got lucky 🍀 I also had signs/symptoms straight away from conception but that could be that I always symptom spot

emma4282 Sat 18-Apr-20 17:39:32

@GeeHO98 congratulations on getting your BFP! I'm just hoping for the next couple of days to get mine - I tested again this afternoon with an internet cheapy and still nothing and I've had 2 naps today - I'm knakered.... but not holding out much hope incase AF appears!

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Natt99 Sat 18-Apr-20 18:02:42

Hey don't despair, from what I'm reading a lot of people don't get BFP's until after period is missed, including myself. So many factors can affect the hcg like the time of the urine, amount the test measures etc. Sounds like you're still in with a chance, sending you best wishes x
@GeeHO98 congratulations to you! How funny my last period was 17/03 and got BFP on Weds, guess we're due date twins 😀

GeeHO98 Sat 18-Apr-20 18:52:49

Thank you both & definitely how odd congratulations to you too @Natt99

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