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Markham1995 Fri 17-Apr-20 12:40:36

I was due AF yesterday, I've been doing HPT which have been coming back BFNs. All week I've been getting menstrual like cramps which I never get when I'm due AF. I cancelled my order of FRERs last night when I saw I was spotting which seems brown and light pale pink discharge. Nothing else over night. Havent worn anything pad wise as theres nothing there..wiped away again I've had light pale pink stretchy CM. Any clue what this could be? Is it AF or could it be suspected implantation if that's possible.

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Markham1995 Fri 17-Apr-20 13:16:57


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Juno231 Fri 17-Apr-20 15:00:48

Sounds like implantation to me! Test in a couple of days of AF hasn't properly shown up.

Markham1995 Fri 17-Apr-20 17:52:34

Thank you x

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