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Ovulation help please - ovulated twice?

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conceptionisascience Fri 17-Apr-20 12:35:25

I have pcos and have been using clear blue fertility monitors. Got a flashing smiley on CD 14&15 and static on CD 16. Negative CD18 and now I've tested again on CD20 and it's a static smiley??
I have period type cramps but according to my Flo app I'm not due for another week.
This conception stuff is so complicated!
Help blush

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conceptionisascience Fri 17-Apr-20 22:29:23

Shameless bumping

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Chlo2701 Fri 17-Apr-20 22:44:59

Hey @conceptionisascience, this is my first month of using the Clearblue digital ovulation testing kit aswel. From what I read, once you hit your peak you shouldn't test again until the nxt month, if you didn't conceive that current month. Hope that makes sense. I only joined mumsnet a couple nights ago, but have read lots of threads.
I have read that it's possible that you can still ovulate even if you don't get a peak reading, & only see flashing smiley faces for a few days. It just might mean that you missed your peak, as I heard the window for that can only be 6-12hrs sometimes. So if you are testing just once a day you may have just missed your peak, but doesn't mean that you didn't have one xx

Chlo2701 Fri 17-Apr-20 22:56:25

@conceptionisascience I'm still getting used to all the lingo on here aswel & still don't understand some of it. But here's my cycle & results if it helps
Low result CD 13 of testing
High result CD 14, 15 & 16 of testing
Peak result CD 17 of testing
Once I got the peak I didn't test again.
I've also heard/read that it's possible you can ovulate before you get a peak reading.
Don't hold me to that, it's only what I've read.
My cycle says it's 31 days this month, so my period (AF) is due around Tues 28th April x

calimommy Fri 17-Apr-20 23:36:48

You can have multiple peaks in a month but from my understanding you won't ovulate until
The final peak. This time ttc I had 4 months of 2&3 peaks and failed to conceive. The 5th month I only had one peak and conceived that month.

SunnySideUp2020 Sat 18-Apr-20 07:02:30

I dont have pcos but i have read on multiple posts that ovulation predictor kits are not reliable when you have the condition as it gives you a lot of highs and peaks in the same cycle but doesnt mean you are ovulation and it can be misleading. Are you using any other methods like cm or bbt?

bluemoon2468 Sat 18-Apr-20 09:59:19

I am now 16 weeks pregnant and every single month that I tracked I had two completely distinct peaks in both temperature and OPKs, a week apart. I kept asking people on here if I was ovulating twice and everyone said that I should count the second peak as my ovulation. I listened to their advice and focused my DTD around the second peak and didn't fall pregnant. I then decided to try DTD immediately after AF ended so that I covered both peaks just in case - we DTD every other day from the day after AF finished for 12 days, and that month I fell pregnant. From my due date now based on baby's measurements I know that I fell pregnant on CD8 (3 days after AF ended) which was on the first peak of my cycle. I really recommend you take the approach I did rather than trusting the official advice that the second peak is your ovulation!

conceptionisascience Sat 18-Apr-20 11:00:29

Thanks for all your help.
I know I shouldn't of checked again after I got a positive curiosity got the better of me. My cycles are a bit all over the place.
I'm not tracking temp or anything, I will start.
@bluemoon2468 this is really helpful thank you!

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