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Hello Everyone :)

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Livinginhope20 Thu 16-Apr-20 21:09:18

I havent been on MN since my last cycle as i needed to stop reading all these storys and comparing myself to them. Im currently on my 6th cycle of TTC #1 i stopped my pill 8 months ago and have had unprotected sex ever since. Im 31 in 4 weeks and for whatever reason i thought i would get pregnant right away, i wanted to try and have this cycle not thinking about TTC, no apps no POAS nothing!! I couldnt even tell you officially what cd i am i think around 21 though. Last cycle i had a very very strange bleed which iv never had before i had brown spotting for about 5 days then i had abit of bleeding for 3 then it just stopped iv never spotted before my period. I know it cant take a while to conceive but my heart just wont listen to my head, iv never wanted something so badly before to the point it makes me very emotional. Thankyou to anybody who reads this

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Jessiebells Thu 16-Apr-20 23:47:34

Hi! I completely understand your post I had to stop reading these as I was getting so down about not conceiving. I am 28, husband and I ttc #1 we have been trying for 6months and each month I get more disheartened! Great idea to just go with the flow, I should probably try that! I'm currently 10/11dpo with BFN so think I'm out this month. Fingers crossed for your BFP!! Have you had any symptoms at all? Xx

GeeHO98 Fri 17-Apr-20 00:18:58

I've been like that I got obsessed with testing my ovulation & symptom spotting etc only to be disappointed when period arrived. Funnily enough the one month I decided to not bother trying and track anything is the month I got pregnant so I definitely recommend the relaxed approach

Livinginhope20 Fri 17-Apr-20 12:51:06

I started some pink spotting about an hour ago but im only cd22 i stopped bleeding 19 days ago so im abit confused as to if i could get AF this soon i usually have a 28-38 day cycle

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GeeHO98 Fri 17-Apr-20 13:18:24

@Livinginhope20 not to get your hopes up because it's uncommon but maybe could be implantation bleeding. If it stays light and short and either pink/brown could possibly be keep an eye on it x

Livinginhope20 Fri 17-Apr-20 14:12:06

Im not one to symptom spot and trying to be very relaxed this month but i felt abit nauseous and crampy then felt "wet" so went to the loo wiped and had pink spotting, i feel better now and there is still abit pink spotting but il just keep a check. I cant see how it could be my period starting as like i said i only had a period 19 days ago

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Nat4392 Fri 17-Apr-20 14:17:36

Hi! Can totally relate. I’m 28, been trying for 6 months and now on cycle #8. I was so naive as to how difficult this whole thing would be. I simply thought I would get pregnant straight away. My best friend started trying just after me and fell pregnant first try which was so disheartening, it’s difficult watching her progress through her pregnancy.
Currently 9DPO, my boobs are very tender and I’m pretty sure they feel bigger and fuller. Although tender boobs is normal in the week before AF so it’s far from a positive sign for me. AF is due Tuesday so I’ll hold off testing til then if she doesn’t show up. Fingers crossed for us all x

Livinginhope20 Fri 17-Apr-20 14:21:09

Its deffo really hard, my best friend is TTC aswell but she is having to use a donor sperm as her husband cant have kids and i find it difficult speaking with her as i dont even know if there is anything wrong with me so i feel im always on eggshells with what i say to her around the subject

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Nat4392 Fri 17-Apr-20 16:27:42

I know what you mean. My other best friend has been TTC for years and has been having fertility treatment. She was just about to start the IVF process before the lockdown. I feel like I can’t vent to her about TTC as I’ve been trying for much less time. If I ever do get pregnant, I’ll dread telling her.

marlie89 Fri 17-Apr-20 16:55:03

Hi, I know how you feel, I flit between finding these threads really helpful and then not wanting to think about it at all! I am also nearly 31, in the middle of our 11th cycle trying. My best friend and sister in law are both pregnant which is hard! I thought it would happen straight away but keep telling myself it is normal to take a year or so. Fingers crossed for this month!

Livinginhope20 Fri 17-Apr-20 17:15:35

Seems alot of us feel this way honestly thought i was the only one. My partner just keeps telling me it will happen when its our time and i know hes right but i guess i just cant think of it like that, the more time goes on the worse my mind thinks. Every month im hopeful but then AF shatters it. Has any of you even had a sniff at a BFP? I had a very faint line last cycle or so i thought but it didnt turn out to be anything. Iv also never tried before coming off the pill so wouldnt even know if i could or could not have children

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Nat4392 Fri 17-Apr-20 17:33:15

@Livinginhope20 no BFP ever for me. Although I’ve not tested in months now. I find it easier just to wait for AF rather than test early and get a BFN which is just so disappointing.

Livinginhope20 Fri 17-Apr-20 17:35:43

I used to test all the time but just waiting till AF shows or doesnt from now on its getting too hard as the months pass

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marlie89 Fri 17-Apr-20 17:39:30

My husband says that too but it’s hard not to get down about it as time goes on. I haven’t had any signs of pregnancy yet. I only used pregnancy tests the first month of trying as I can’t bear to see the negatives! I Am hopeful every month but it is an awful feeling when AF arrives. Have you been using ovulation tests?

Livinginhope20 Fri 17-Apr-20 18:22:59

@marlie89 yes i had been and tbh struggled with them as i wasnt consistent every day and with having such long cycles i can range from 28-38 days i just got fed up of them, i took an at home FSH test and it came back negative as i wanted to rule out things being wrong

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Livinginhope20 Sat 18-Apr-20 07:04:56

So AF turned up during the night. I normally have a cycle that can range from 28 days to 38/40 days and this cycle has only lasted 23 i am so confused

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Magzzzz Sat 18-Apr-20 07:36:51

April 16 2020 I had got a brown discharged when I wiped & so forth my period is due on the 18th , today on the 17th I took an ovulation test At midnight it was positive & I was confused due to my period should start today ? Could I possibly be pregnant ?

Nat4392 Sat 18-Apr-20 10:42:39

@Livinginhope20 our bodies just like to fuck with us! Sometimes the odd weird cycle gets thrown in there. Although didn’t you say you didn’t track ovulation this month? You could have ovulated later than normal and it could be an implantation bleed? Or is it definitely AF?

Nat4392 Sat 18-Apr-20 10:44:42

I think AF is on the way. My sore boobs are subsiding which normally happens a few days before she shows up. Although I’ve had these bizarre intermittent stabbing pains overnight and this morning which I’ve never had before. We’ll just have see as I refuse to test early.

Livinginhope20 Sat 18-Apr-20 12:27:03

@Nat4392 No doll its deffo AF lol its really heavy which isnt like me at all im usually light and only lasting 2/3 days, i think its just a weird cycle but its just threw me off with that cycle only being 23 days, going to continue with the no tracking because i actually felt less stressed this month just DTD as and when the mood took us, it will happen i just have to be patient 😁

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Livinginhope20 Sun 19-Apr-20 20:59:24

Me again 👋🏻 this might sound daft but i just need some advice. My last cycle only last 23 days im usually a "dont know when il get my period" kind of person i can range from 28 to 40 days, so to my suprise i got my period around 2am friday night/saturday morning and im finished already 🤔 i usually do only bleed for 2-3 days but it was HEAVY.......why is my body doing this to me? Why is mind fucking with me lol

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Nat4392 Sun 19-Apr-20 21:19:21

Sorry I completely forgot to reply! Don’t have any advice I’m afraid. My cycles have varied from 23-28 days which is probably pretty regular. Period has varied from light to heavy and from a couple of days to over a week. I think after coming off the pill, it must just take forever for our bodies to get to a normal routine. I was on the pill for almost 10 years prior to this.

Livinginhope20 Mon 20-Apr-20 07:16:44

I was only on the pill for about 18 months before coming off it, seems my body is still trying to regulate lol

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Nat4392 Mon 20-Apr-20 09:04:53

That’s me out again this month, AF just showed up. So fed up!!

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