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Line eye thread!

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november90 Thu 16-Apr-20 11:12:10

Hi everyone!

I'm 36 weeks pregnant with my second. I absolutely love looking for lines with tests and getting excited with new mummy's you be! There's so many threads titled line eyes, just thought I would start one where anyone can join in if need be smile I'm no expert but we're all on a similar journey here ❤️

BlindTwitcher Thu 16-Apr-20 11:52:09

Oh I'm for this. I miss TTC and all the line eyes!

Keen to help squint at lines!

SunnySideUp2020 Thu 16-Apr-20 12:04:28

I wish i had some line eyes to give you 😄😌
Maybe in a few days smile

november90 Thu 16-Apr-20 12:12:07

I always see threads where people are apologising for posting and I just think there's no apologies needed at all! It's stressful and exciting ☺️

Positevibes Thu 16-Apr-20 12:15:06

I'm trying to stay positive after 2 early loses just starting cycle 8 🤞🌈 I love looking at tests it's a bit of a weird hobby 🤣 but keeps me hopeful

Waiting2BAMummy Thu 16-Apr-20 12:34:15

I think people apologise because they’ve read other threads where have been many unkind comments. I don’t see why people need to be like that if the thread is entitled ‘line eyes’ and you’re going to get annoyed by it just don’t open it, there’s no need to be nasty.

Good luck everyone

cookielove Thu 16-Apr-20 12:49:34

I love looking at squinters too!!!

I am 34 weeks pregnant so no squinters for me but i had a load in the early days!!

I agree about people apologising! No need!!

NJ2910 Thu 16-Apr-20 14:08:10

This squinter was from a couple of days ago when I was around 9 DPO I think. Haven't tested since then and shouldn't really have ben testing that early anyway but I did haha 😂 what do you reckon?

cookielove Thu 16-Apr-20 14:50:44

Omg yes!! @NJ2910 you need to test again!!

opticaldelusion Thu 16-Apr-20 15:06:02

I love looking at HPTs.

MrsCOR Thu 16-Apr-20 15:21:57

Hi! I've posted in several places but not about the tests I have already done! Pretty sure it's a bfn, but I am 15dpo... a day late for AF.
I havent had any symptoms really in the tww, started getting pink cm 3 days ago but that disappeared same day and have had nothing since. Had very very mild cramping the last 3 days too, with very mild aches in my back, hips and legs. Just weird that I have had barely anything and feel so normal!

I use OPKs and BBT so I know when I definitely ovulated... I am never late and always get AF 14 days after ovulation.

Anyway I ramble on.... I swear I could see the faintest of lines this morning but I highly doubt it and just getting serious line eyes.

This is the best picture I took within the time frame.

cookielove Thu 16-Apr-20 16:31:36

Try a frer! @MrsCOR

MrsCOR Thu 16-Apr-20 16:37:38

@cookielove - I really want to try a frer but not as easy for me to get being in the UK! It means ordering online so might not come for a few days especially with lockdown!

I have stocked up on CB (all different types) - but I know they are not as sensitive so might take longer to get a bfp. I think my pink CM stopped the morning of 14th so as I understand it, if it was ib then I won't start testing positive until 3 days later which is tomorrow. I've never really been late!

MilsCookie Thu 16-Apr-20 16:37:39

@MrsCOR I think I see something but it is a squinter! Definitely test again and keep us posted!!

Hopefully I'll be able to add a photo to this thread in 2 weeks time...

MrsCOR Thu 16-Apr-20 16:41:15

@MilsCookie - it really was and definitely not an evap as that was about 5 mins after taking it! I've never even had a hint of a squinter before so I have everything crossed that it will be a faint line tomorrow.

MilsCookie Thu 16-Apr-20 17:14:39

@MrsCOR eeeek I'll keep everything crossed for you. How long have you been trying for if you don't mind me asking?

MrsCOR Thu 16-Apr-20 17:31:25

@MilsCookie - this is cycle 5 of ttc our first baby. We got married last year and we would have started trying sooner but our honeymoon was to Disney Florida and I had to go on all the rides grin !!!

november90 Thu 16-Apr-20 18:02:22

@MrsCOR I'm really sorry but I can't make anything out on that test sad have you tried any other brands?

@NJ2910 I feel like I can see the faintest line there! Again, have you tried any other brands other then clear blue?

Just to shed a ray of hope! I tested on a Monday and got a BFN and then tried again in the Thursday, the day AF was due and got my BFP!

You're not out until you're out smile

MrsCOR Thu 16-Apr-20 18:06:27

@november90 I figured it was a bfn, which is a bummer! sad

I tried Sainsbury's own one too and that was definitely bfn. Just a weird cycle maybe? Trying not to get my hopes up too much but being just 1 day late is unusual for me. I've had regular periods for as long as I can remember!

cookielove Thu 16-Apr-20 18:10:41

@MrsCOR amazon?

I am in the uk too smile

MrsCOR Thu 16-Apr-20 18:14:40

@cookielove - Just ordered a pack of 2 to arrive tomorrow! Not sure I'll get to test with fmu but I'll do another clear blue tomorrow anyway.

november90 Thu 16-Apr-20 19:16:18

I've seen other ladies appear to ovulate twice! Could it be that your actually ovulation was late so you're not as far into your cycle as you think? Just wondering with you normally being so regular!
Good luck with the frer! I tested firstly with Asda brand and it was so faint but my frer was much brighter smile


MrsCOR Thu 16-Apr-20 19:24:21

@november90 I might have ovulated 1 day later but confirmed with OPK and BBT. I've attached my chart so you can see. Nothing to suggest anything otherwise!

Thank you!!! I am still feeling very hopeful 🥰

Moo678 Thu 16-Apr-20 21:40:35

I’ve got one! I thought I did this the day AF was due but I had miscounted and it was one day before. (I’m now 1 day late) I don’t use OPKs or temp so just going by the app on my phone I could have been 14 days PO.

I did this on Tue eve. Since then I’m feeling very sick and have very sore boobs. I’ve been pregnant 9 times and have 3 babies so I’m pretty sure I am pregnant. But worried about how faint the line is considering how many day’s PO I was. I’m going to hold off re-testing for another week.

Just curious to know if other people see anything - I’m pretty sure there is a line.

calimommy Thu 16-Apr-20 22:51:46

@Moo678 that's definitely positive. The ring casts a shadow on the test window but I can still see it. 🎉

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