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How long did it take you to conceive?

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Dimosaur Wed 15-Apr-20 21:42:29

Hi, just curious,
Especially if you conceived quickly with first baby, was it the same for baby number 2?
I had a baby 18 months ago, and we conceived the first month of trying, had sex twice, and bfp 10dpo on Frer.
I knew something was up, as I felt awful from about 8dpo, nausea, couldn't stomach smell of pizza or coffee.

Just wondering / hoping it's going to be a quick conception again!

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MamaGee09 Wed 15-Apr-20 21:45:22

For us it was 1st month both times. Dh thought we would have a few months of fun trying for a baby 😂😂😂😂

seaduck Wed 15-Apr-20 21:45:26

Ive had 4 pregnancies, the first we conceived on the 3rd cycle, but the 3 after that were all conceived on the first month. We are very lucky I know.

Dimosaur Wed 15-Apr-20 21:48:09

Same, I said to my DH oh it'll probably take a few months, his face when I was pregnant first month 😂

He hasn't got a clue how it works bless him, woke him up for sex this morning, he said oh you'll be ovulating a few days yer won't you..
No love, just today! Haha

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BabyMoonPie Wed 15-Apr-20 21:48:44

First = 8 months. Second = I'll get back to you (16 months and counting)

DramaAlpaca Wed 15-Apr-20 21:49:40

It took me 11 months to conceive DC1, then 1 month to conceive DC2, which was great, but a bit of a shock especially as I was still breastfeeding. We thought it would take ages again but ended up with a 16 month age gap. DC3 took 4 months to conceive, I think.

thaegumathteth Wed 15-Apr-20 21:51:35

6m first time age 24 and 9m second time age 28

MummyGoingItAlone Wed 15-Apr-20 21:59:53

First time, both times. I was 33 first time and 35 second. I know that it very lucky

ParisInTheSpringtime Wed 15-Apr-20 22:01:54

Literally the first time we had unprotected sex. We were expecting it to take a while, so were completely shocked.

HotSince82 Wed 15-Apr-20 22:06:21

Well the planned ones were first try, the others were accidents. I was aged 22-33 for context.

HT96 Wed 15-Apr-20 22:09:50

First month with DD second month with Ds (baby 2) thought it would take us a few months the second time but NOPE!!! And tested at 6DPO with him also!! Crazy 🥴

NickMarlow Wed 15-Apr-20 22:11:29

11 cycles first time. 18 cycles second time. We had tests after a year with the second one, nothing obviously wrong, just a lot longer than we hoped.

Dimosaur Wed 15-Apr-20 22:17:47

So generally if it was quick with your first, it was quick with your second!
That's hopeful.
Thank you!

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Dimosaur Wed 15-Apr-20 22:17:49

So generally if it was quick with your first, it was quick with your second!
That's hopeful.
Thank you!

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PipGirl404 Wed 15-Apr-20 22:20:37

First time with DD1.

Almost a year to the date trying for second sad

Spark27 Wed 15-Apr-20 22:24:06

2nd month with DD (pretty sure I had a chemical the 1st month), and 1st month with my 2nd/current pregnancy. I know I've been really lucky. I think DH was hoping for a few more months of fun!

justkeeprunning5 Wed 15-Apr-20 22:34:53

42 months - know that because I just put it in my booking in form! Nightmare confused

TTClou Wed 15-Apr-20 23:40:08

My 1st was unplanned 16now
2nd 3months 13 now
3rd 2months 9 now
4th 4months 3 now
5th 2months born sleeping at 20wks 😭💔
6th found out 2days ago took 2 months

stickerqueen Wed 15-Apr-20 23:44:43

dd now 12 not long was about a month after talking about having a baby
ds now 2 took 9 years to conceive no idea why
we would like dc 3 but no look in the last 1.5 years.

givemeacall Wed 15-Apr-20 23:51:51

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Chanel05 Thu 16-Apr-20 09:43:49

It took me 8 months and then I had a mmc, took me 8 months to conceive again.

ChokkaBlock Thu 16-Apr-20 09:52:41

Took me 3 years. Never had a single positive test during that time. I doubt I will be able to conceive a second.

MashAndChips Thu 16-Apr-20 10:26:24

Our first was unplanned, first time we had unprotected sex. blush I was 20 at the time.

Second pregnancy I was 22, we fell pregnant on our first cycle of trying - unfortunately had to have a TFMR at 12 weeks.

But then three weeks having the TFMR I fell pregnant again with our youngest. smile I was still sort of grieving the loss at that point, by the time we had agreed to try again properly I was already around six weeks gone. I was 23 at the time.

NannyPear Thu 16-Apr-20 10:32:42

First month with DC1, 4 months for DC2

Chlo2701 Thu 16-Apr-20 17:13:49

1st took one month, I was 20, he is now 14
2nd took 2yrs, I was 24, he is now 10
& now I'm 35years old & decided I'll that I'm not done & want one more🙈 been having unprotected sex for about 6months now, & this month I decided to use the Clearblue ovulation digital testing kit. I know we've definitely had sex when I was ovulating this month, so keeping my fingers crossed my period doesn't come in the next 2weeks 🤞🏻

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