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TTC- success stories

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Juno231 Tue 14-Apr-20 22:24:32

As silly and obvious as it sounds - try and relax! This could take a while so I would personally die if I had to give up alcohol and caffeine and and and for however long.

I'd also maybe suggest an app like fertility friend or femometer to help you track whatever data you'll be collecting? Oh and join the April or May busses to chat with the rest of us as you'll soon find the TWW will feel LONG and you'll drive yourself nuts trying to symptom spot - so you might as well do it with the rest of us nutters for non-judgemental support!

CMM20 Tue 14-Apr-20 20:40:25

Myself and my husband have decided to start TTC from next month. I'm a massive control freak so have researched everything I can- books have been purchased and read, vitamins taken for 3 months, no alcohol, limited caffeine, clear blue opk ready to go! Everything online seems to be so overwhelming and negative especially with everything going on with Covid 19 (no negativity about our decision to TTC during this time please. ) I was hoping for this to be a place to share some positive stories of TTC and any tips going into our first month? Thanks 😊

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