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Advice on OPK's & CM

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Leasha16 Tue 14-Apr-20 17:47:14

Hi all,

This is my first month TTC after coming off the pill. I am currently just letting my body adjust and seeing how it goes, would love a BFP soon but realistically know my body may need time. Anyway things have started happening so wondered if you had any input.

I took my last pill Thurs 27th March and count Saturday 29th as Cycle day 1 due to withdrawal bleed. It is now cycle day 17 and I believe I have got my first ever OPK! This was almost positive by 10 minute window then positive by 10 minute window so I plan to keep testing. However, I didn't test yesterday or the day before so could've missed my surge.

I also went to the toilet and (tmi warning) a huge glob of what I can only imagine is EWCM came out after I wipedshock. It was super stretchy and clear like egg whites although with patches of white. I'm hoping this is a sign that ovulation may actually happen? Or is a glob if it not good?

Should I keep testing regularly now (as well as dtd) until they turn negative, and then count 1dpo as soon as they turn negative? I am not sure when ovulation is going to happen (if it does). I have starting to get pains in my boobs today and have had mild cramping since I came off the pill really. Had a few sharper pins down there today but nothing that makes me think I've definitely ovulated.

Any advice on OPK's/cm and how they all relate would be great thank you x

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