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Please help I'm going crazy

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QueenWiggle Sun 12-Apr-20 20:17:37

Ok, so yesterday (2 days before AF due), I started getting pinky CM, and a tightening in my stomach almost like mild Braxton Hicks. Today it is more like blood and CM with tiny clots/bits of tissue. It's way lighter than my normal period. I can't tell if it's early AF, an early miscarriage or an early pregnancy bleed. Anyone else had this?
The other thing to note is last PG I had awful SPD/PGP (I'm hypermobile, so it was BAD). I'm feeling pelvic twinges just like before, only mild. I'm so confused! I never have early or light periods, but it seems like too much for an implantation bleed.

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calimommy Mon 13-Apr-20 04:18:21

Did you do a pregnancy test?

OpticVA Mon 13-Apr-20 07:07:34

Probably best to just test really, I had light spotting around the time I got my BFP and it lasted a couple of days. I did get pelvic tightenings too but not until I was more like 6 weeks pg! Good luck!

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