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SWAttempting Sat 11-Apr-20 10:35:34

Last year I had CIN 3 cells that turned to Stage 0-1 Cervical Cancer cells between Smear and colposcopy... Because of having a fair chunk of my cervix removed, so soon as I test positive my cervix will have to be stitched...

I came off the POP pill on Feb 15th 2020 After the Dr said "it won't be easy" and "its not something you can plan" 😂

Last month I am pretty sure I didn't get a Positive Ovulation...

I am pretty sure my cycle is 28 Days... (15th Feb - 14th March)

Last Bleed was the 15th March...
Positive Ovulation was 31st March

So according to my calculations my next bleed would be 13th April... But 12 DPO is 12th April...

Using the clear blue calender if I put in my ovulation date it says the earliest to test is 12th March. Without that date it says 7th March.

Websites say don't test until 12-14 days DPO...
Yesterday & today was BFN...

But I'm now so confused 😕
When do I test? And what test to use?

Help..please. 🙏

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SWAttempting Sat 11-Apr-20 10:44:34

These are our Ovulation tests for this month

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Juno231 Sat 11-Apr-20 11:06:49

Looks like you ovulated on the first of April so I wouldn't test until the 12th and use a sensitive such as the FRER. They're relatively pricey though so you may wanna just buy a bunch of ICs if you think you're not going to be able to resist POAS for the sake of it. Pink dyes are more reliable than blues and CB digital isn't very sensitive so best to use after AF is overdue.

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