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Positive OPK and faint BFP

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mrsgtobe97 Fri 10-Apr-20 20:56:26

Okay so 2 days ago I got a faint positive on a IC HPT, took one again this morning and a very faint positive (pic attached), this evening just took a OPK and it's positive?! So confused? I have FRER's arriving either tomorrow or Monday but have a clear blue digital, do I use it tomorrow morning?

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mrsgtobe97 Fri 10-Apr-20 20:57:52

Faint positive HPT, I'm also 8DPO

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Lozz22 Fri 10-Apr-20 20:59:27

I'd wait to do the digital one. They need higher levels of HCG. I didn't do my digital until I was around 6 weeks

queenqueenqueen Fri 10-Apr-20 22:58:32

Id say congrats is in order

willithappen Fri 10-Apr-20 23:55:52

Looks positive for pregnancy but at 8dpo that is super early to get! Are you sure you didn't ovulate earlier?

Either way I do think congratulations are in order!

calimommy Sat 11-Apr-20 03:15:16

The OPK test can pick up HCG. You are prego my friend 👌

tattychicken Sat 11-Apr-20 03:39:50

That's not faint! 😀

mrsgtobe97 Sat 11-Apr-20 08:27:33

I'm not convinced guys, the eBay IC this morning didn't show any kind of line even with FMU, done another ov test and it's almost positive again. My FRER are on their way, only have a clear blue digital which I'm scared to see not pregnant on it. Why would the IC show a positive 3 days ago but negative today?

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mrsgtobe97 Sat 11-Apr-20 17:52:11

Another faint positive. Going to drive myself mad 🙈 certain I'm 9DPO. Scared to do another one tomorrow incase it's negative!

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queenqueenqueen Sun 12-Apr-20 07:21:50

That is definitely positive?!

calimommy Sun 12-Apr-20 07:24:56

OP, it's positive. It's not faint.

mrsgtobe97 Sun 12-Apr-20 14:40:25

Back again 🙈 so this test is the pinkest that's come up, I'm now 10DPO. the bottom half of the test came up pink immediately, and the rest is faint but definitely there now. I don't want to believe it! 🙈 I'm a nightmare.

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Lozz22 Sun 12-Apr-20 14:43:34

These are some of mine. You can barely even see the line on the first one it's such a squinter but they got darker and darker and I had solid dark lines on both right up until I miscarried at 9 weeks

mrsgtobe97 Sun 12-Apr-20 14:45:15

@Lozz22 sorry to hear that sad can't imagine how that must of felt. It's my first time trying and the test in front of me is the most positive one I've had but it feels too good to be true, don't want to get my hopes up at all. I'm a loony!

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Lozz22 Mon 13-Apr-20 12:33:15

@mrsgtobe97 it's awful isn't it!! That was my 4th loss although my first one was a chemical, my second which was Christmas Day 2018 I was probably around 6 weeks but only had really faint lines on the test I did and my 3rd didn't even realise I was Pregnant just thought I'd had a weird period and then miscarried the next day whilst in the shower. With my forth I remember taking the pregnancy tests last August after feeling really really tired for a few weeks up to the point I would finish work and just cry because I couldn't manage to get into the bath to have a shower, my boobs were throbbing to the point I felt sick with the pain and I started having food aversions to chocolate and able to taste other foods way more than normal. Also my sense of smell was mega sensitive and things were making me nauseated. I got a couple of tests thinking they'd be negative did the first and left it whilst I did something else and checked it after a few mins took it out the packet and just went oh wow and waited until my OH was on his break so I could tell him but then I went to bed that night and thought it was too good to be true so did another one the next morning and another and another. I did end up doing 34 altogether 35 if I include the one at the hospital 2 days before my miscarriage. I said next time I fall Pregnant I won't be testing as much. After all I thought my nice strong lines were a good sign when I reality they weren't. My OH has said he would rather wait till the 12 week scan rather than me having the early reassurance one again but I don't think I could get to 12 weeks thinking everything is ok only to find it isn't. The pregnancy test In the first picture is the very first one I did and the one underneath is the one from the following morning because I didn't quite believe it was right. The other picture with the first response test was also taking the following day and I was paranoid that the line was getting fainter again. It wasn't the line was only faint because the test line had pulled the colour from the control line. A few people have wondered if I was Pregnant with Twins because of how strong my test lines were further into my pregnancy, how big my bump got and also because it took 5 weeks in total for my body to miscarry. Its questionable though because only one sac and baby came on the screen although someone I know one of her twins never appeared until the 14 week scan but not on the earlier one

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